Who do you think the three richest families in America are?

Intellihub | You may be surprised

Investment Guru Warns: “The Market Is Very Crash-Prone… Very Fragile”

Mac SlavoFleckenstein warns that the same machinations and corruption responsible for the collapse of our economic and financial systems in 2008 remain a serious threat today.

We just witnessed the worst week for global financial markets in 3 years

Michael Snyder | Is this the start of the next major financial crisis?

How to get started in the stock market

Intellihub | Investing in the stock market may take more planning than you thought
Communications, cable, internet, switchboard

Blame government, not markets for monopoly

Ron Paul Institute | Corporate mergers and “hostile” takeovers can promote economic efficiency

Massive 60% stock market correction coming: “period of extreme turmoil”

Mac Slavo | The confidence game is almost up warns Prudent Bear Fund President David Tice
gold coinvideo

Do the elites want to confiscate gold?

Intellihub | "Premiums are at all time highs"
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Investment Strategist: ‘They’re desperate, far more going on behind closed doors then they’re telling...

Intellihub | From failing stocks to Wall Street "schemes"

14 reasons why the U.S. economy’s bubble of false prosperity may be about to...

Michael Snyder | Did you know that a major event just happened in the financial markets that we have not seen since the financial crisis of 2008?

Striking populist tone, mainstream dems push Robin Hood tax plan

Lauren McCauley | The tax places a 0.1 percent fee on financial transactions that, under the action plan

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Michael Snyder | Is there any doubt that we are living in a bubble economy?

Individual investors piling into stocks, market leverage hits all time highs

Mac Slavo | Throughout history there have always been critical warning signs in the midst of financial exuberance that signaled the bursting of the bubble
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Oil falls below 50 as global financial markets begin to unravel

Michael Snyder | On Monday, the price of oil fell below $50 for the first time since April 2009, and the Dow dropped 331 points

Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

For a long time, many have suspected that they were being manipulated, and as you will see below we now have stone cold proof that this is indeed the case.

19 reasons why you can laugh when anyone tells you the economy is in...

Michael Snyder | Have you heard the one about the “economic recovery” in the United States? It’s quite funny, but it is not actually true

Top economist: Markets are manipulated by clowns in central banks

Rory | A sit down interview with Dr. Marc Faber

Banks hold treasuries and make loans

BATR.org | Ever since the 2008 financial collapse, banks have reduced their lending while accumulating U.S. Treasuries

Total debt in America hits new record high of nearly $60T

Michael Snyder | What would you say if I told you that Americans are nearly 60 TRILLION dollars in debt?

S&P 500 hits record high on stronger-than-expected earnings

CNBC | U.S. stocks traded mostly higher on Tuesday after a slew of major companies reported better-than-expected quarterly results
credit debt

Drowning in debt: 35 percent of all Americans have debt that is at least...

Economic Collapse | More than a third of all Americans can’t pay their debts

Does this look like a housing recovery to you?

Michael Snyder | We just learned that the homeownership rate in the United States has fallen to the lowest level in 19 years

18 signs that the global economic crisis is accelerating as we enter the last...

Michael Snyder | A lot of people that I talk to these days want to know "when things are going to start happening"

Financial Strategist: To tie the collapse to some date in September is a fool’s...

Mac Slavo | Make no mistake, however, because Hemke clearly understands that a day of reckoning is coming

Australia engages in ‘intergenerational theft,’ axes carbon tax

Andrea Germanos | Climate Institute calls move "a monumentally reckless backward leap."

Austerity’s stubborn hold Proves contentious as Syriza jockeys for deal

Jon Queally | Greek leadership holds cabinet meeting to discuss reform package as Eurogroup weighs proposals that would coincide with four-month loan extension
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Poverty migrates to suburbia

The Daily Coin | So, who is buying all the houses, where is the funding coming from and how will it be possible for people to pay for these homes?
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Seismic power shifts in global political-economy

China Just Eviscerated the Monroe Doctrine By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle The latest news out of Beijing is that the Chinese and the...

Quayle: Big changes are coming: “We are headed for a crisis… of biblical proportions”

Mac Slavo | Well known author, commentator and radio host Steve Quayle says big changes are coming to the world
Super Mario Draghi

Euronomics decomposing, raise a glass of cheer!

The Great Recession | Could we ask for anything more?

A full-blown economic crisis has erupted in Russia

Michael Snyder | The 8th largest economy on the entire planet is in a state of turmoil right now