gold bar

Gold manipulation and $1.2 quadrillion in derivatives

Daily Coin | How did we reach this point?

Panic bank run leaves Canada’s largest alternative mortgage lender on edge of collapse

Zero Hedge | Or, as we put it, Canada just experienced its very own "New Century" moment

Brief overview: Trump tax plan

Intellihub | "The initial reveal of the new Trump tax plan is here"
goldman sachs

Goldman Sachs claims propping up ‘the economy is great!’, funds Syrian war

Waking Times | The age of parasitic capitalism still hasn’t sputtered to its final death
bank of china

Richest man in Asia aggressively preparing for collapse

SHTF Plan | “Direct exposure to gold as super wealthy focus on wealth preservation”
china shipping port

Fleet of North Korean cargo ships turned back to home port fully loaded as...

Intellihub | Massive coal deal struck with China; North Korean import ban on coal imposed

How much is $100 worth in every state?

Intellihub | Just how far is your dollar stretching?
amazon drone parody

Amazon is a destroyer of jobs and the merchant economy

Batr | Amazon is applying the Chinese model of coolie labor practices to stamp out the competition with advanced technology that is based upon eliminating jobs from the work force
used car lot

Morgan Stanley: Used car prices may crash 50%

Zero Hedge | For months we've been talking about the massive lending bubble propping up the U.S. auto market

Stealing from the citizenry: How government goons use civil asset forfeiture to rob us...

Rutherford Institute | If the government can arbitrarily take away your property, you have no true rights: you’re nothing more than a serf or a slave
border fence

Trump Admin to review over 600 border wall design submissions, including one from Mexico

Intellihub | The ever so controversial border wall appears to be on track

New York Times runs cover for the Federal Reserve after Trump considers targeting central...

Intellihub | Establishment worried Federal Reserve could be targeted

Will mid-March madness maul the stock market?

Great Recession | Debt ceiling bomb about to drop
cargo ship

“Civil War” breaks out at White House over trade, Goldman is winning

Zero Hedge | The fate of Trump's trade policies may rest in the fate of Navarro

Marijuana industry expected to create 300K jobs in 3-years — provided it stays legal

Daily Sheeple | Marijuana sales are expected to grow to the tune of $13.3 billion by the year 2020

March 2017: The end of a 100 year global debt super cycle is way...

Economic Collapse Blog | We are potentially facing the greatest debt crisis in all of human history
farm shack

Housing bubbles are popping up everywhere

Great Recession Blog | Housing bubbles popping up everywhere
trump in chair

Mutiny breaks out inside the world’s most successful hedge fund over Donald Trump

Zero Hedge | RenTec as it is better known in financial circles
gold coin

Gold continues to defy Fed’s attempt to control the price

Daily Coin | Gold has been trading in defiance of the Fed’s attempts at price control

Debt apocalypse beckons as U.S. consumer bankruptcies do something they haven’t done in almost...

Michael Snyder | Awarded climate medal by Obama—now he finds enormous fraud and exposes it
gates, bill

Bill Gates, soon-to-be trillionaire, exposed

Intellihub | Billionaire elitist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is set to become the world's first ever trillionaire
Ron Paul

Ron Paul warns of imminent economic collapse to be blamed on Trump instead of...

Free Thought Project | Trump could be patsy for impending financial ruin

Trump plans to bring manufacturing back to U.S. “big league”

Intellihub | POTUS plans to fast-tract permits
china flag

China says it is ready to assume “world leadership”, slams western democracy as “flawed”

ZeroHedge | The Chinese comments came after Trump in his inauguration speech said his administration would focus on an “America first” approach to foreign policy

Essential commodities: Gold, silver, and popcorn

Daily Coin | Yesterday’s sell-off in gold occurred after the Comex floor had closed for the day
davos 2017

Global uprising — the time is now

Daily Coin | The global elite are meeting this week in DAVOS for the annual World Economic Forum
silver eagle coin

Silver company CEOs prepare for war on big banks! Class action lawsuit for price...

SHTFPlan | Former Fox News star joins left leaning NBC News
Super Mario Draghi

Euronomics decomposing, raise a glass of cheer!

The Great Recession | Could we ask for anything more?

Analysts say U.S. stock market’s bull could extend into 2017: CCTV Africa

Intellihub | Will the stock market remain strong under a Trump presidency?

7 reasons you are broke

Intellihub | How you can make more money by fine tuning your daily expenses