amazon drone parody

Amazon is a destroyer of jobs and the merchant economy

Batr | Amazon is applying the Chinese model of coolie labor practices to stamp out the competition with advanced technology that is based upon eliminating jobs from the work force
tesla motors

U.S. manufacturing slumps to 9 year low in May | All economic data is pointing to a slower 2019.

‘Cash is being eradicated’: Digital payments take over western world

Michael Snyder | European nations such as Sweden and Denmark are ‘eradicating cash’

March 2017: The end of a 100 year global debt super cycle is way...

Economic Collapse Blog | We are potentially facing the greatest debt crisis in all of human history
puerto rico capitol

Puerto Rico defaults on debt Monday, may trigger financial storm in U.S., some say

Intellihub | Are you ready for round two of the financial crisis, triggered by Puerto Rico's default?

Fed official confesses Fed rigged stock market — Crash certain

David Haggith | Thee Federal Reserve knowingly “front ran” the US stock market recovery

Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to...

Natural News | I’ve been putting off writing about events to come in 2019 – 2020 for the simple reason that I don’t think anyone is mentally prepared

Food Stamp outage could trigger nationwide riots

Infowars | Obama admin. enrolling millions of illegals to overload EBT system?

A new but disastrous normal for America: Surging debt, booming economy

SHTFPlan | The rate of debt being acquired by consumers and the ever increasing government deficits are poised to explode

Bill O’Reilly: Trump could win if he “brings a vibrant economy back”

Intellihub | Bill O'Reilly says it's all about a vibrant economy

California’s mandatory minimum wage-hikes are starting to backfire

Zero Hedge | California's minimum wage hikes have slowed job growth among restaurant workers

Soros makes $1.3 billion bet on stock market collapse

Intellihub | Billionaire George Soros made a $1.3 billion bet that the stock market will collapse

Federal Reserve beefs up Chicago branch just in case NY branch gets taken out...

Shepard Ambellas | What do the Powers-That-Be know?

W. Virginia: Local economy slips as water ban remains in effect, over 300k affected

Intellihub | The “water use ban” is still in place”, said West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin in a recent press conference

Lindsey Williams, Martin Armstrong, and Alex Jones all warn about what is coming in...

Michael Snyder | Almost daily now, really big names are coming out with chilling predictions about what they believe is going to happen during the second half of 2015

Breaking the resource control monopoly

Intellihub | Author and researcher John Vibes at the Free Your Mind Conference 2013
trump in chair

Mutiny breaks out inside the world’s most successful hedge fund over Donald Trump

Zero Hedge | RenTec as it is better known in financial circles

Will Detroit be the first major Chinese city in the U.S.?

Michael Snyder | Is Detroit destined to become a Chinese city?

It doesn’t take much time for people to start behaving like crazed lunatics

Michael Snyder | If an ice storm can cause this much panic in our major cities, what will a real crisis look like?

Military site’s forecast for 2025: Economic collapse will lead to massive 78% depopulation in...

Mac Slavo | FBI surveillance of Baltimore riots watched dozens of city blocks at once.

John Rubino: A crisis unlike we have seen in human history

Daily Coin | The G-20 central planners have scheduled an “emergency” meeting for summer 2016

Are you ready for the price of food to more than double by the...

Michael Snyder | Do you think that the price of food is high now? Just wait.

Saudis, Russians fail to cut oil production, will freeze output at record January level

Intellihub | So what does the deal really mean?
silver coin

Is JP Morgan acquiring tens of millions of silver eagles? David Morgan explains

SGT Report | The question is, WHO is buying all of this PHYSICAL silver?
mass shootings, obama, tpp

Shock report about secret Obama Treaty: “Unlimited migration from Mexico…gun import bans…ammunition bans”

Mac Slavo | The Obama administration is feverishly working on a new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

Big Banks Are Being Hit With Cyberattacks “Every Minute Of Every Day”

Michael Snyder | What would you do if you logged in to your bank account one day and it showed that you had a zero balance and that your bank had absolutely no record that you ever had any money in your account at all?
taxes irs

IRS Commissioner: ‘Budget cuts may result in delayed refunds even shutdowns’

Shepard Ambellas | 'Satirical piece may have been right after all', says Forbes
stock share buybacks

Stock share buybacks now bought out — American enterprise in decline

Great Recession | Stock share buybacks may be winding down

Zuckerberg sells 41.4 million Facebook shares for $2.3 billion

John Vibes | Is this massive sell off a sign of trouble behind the scenes at Facebook?
federal reserve bank

The Fed just “discovered” another $2.7T in debt, “quietly boosted total credit”

Mac Slavo | People of U.S. misled by politicians