Roger Stone talks about Trump’s plan to control Goldman Sachs appointees

Infowars | How Trump intends to control the globalists in his cabinet
gold coinvideo

Do the elites want to confiscate gold?

Intellihub | "Premiums are at all time highs"

How to get started in the stock market

Intellihub | Investing in the stock market may take more planning than you thought
iran air

Boeing signs $16.6B deal with Iran for 80 aircraft, despite Republican outcry

Intellihub | Long-term interaction to begin between U.S. and Iran in private deal
cashless society

International bankers push for cashless society

Intellihub | Will the U.S. become a cashless society?
mark zuckerberg

Facebook’s Zuckerberg goes into financial decline after threatening to censor ‘fake news’

Intellihub | Facebook market shares decline over past weeks

Trump wins with Carrier deal, factory to stay in U.S.

Intellihub | Trump already on a roll with 50 days to go
Donald Trump

11 very depressing economic realities that Donald Trump will inherit

Economic Collapse | There will be tremendous pressure to maintain the status quo

War on cash goes into full effect – Citibank stops accepting cash at multiple...

Free Though Project | Governments loathe cash transactions because they’re private and hard to tax
federal reserve bank

Why Donald Trump must shut down The Federal Reserve and start issuing debt-free money

Economic Collapse | It would take someone very bold to make a move like this
Communications, cable, internet, switchboard

Blame government, not markets for monopoly

Ron Paul Institute | Corporate mergers and “hostile” takeovers can promote economic efficiency
market crash houses

Poverty migrates to suburbia

The Daily Coin | So, who is buying all the houses, where is the funding coming from and how will it be possible for people to pay for these homes?
credit debt

Drowning in debt: 35 percent of all Americans have debt that is at least...

Economic Collapse | More than a third of all Americans can’t pay their debts
Soldier, war, iraq

War: The real reason America is collapsing

Daisy Luther | Who else has noticed that the decline in the American way of life is accelerating?
silver coin, china, panda coin

Silver opium – The Eastern revenge

TDC Note – Originally published in 2014. With the explosion of heroin in the U.S., and around the world, it seems appropriate to look...
piggy bank

Bank of America warns of imminent recession: “Market so fragile… it’s downright scary”

SHTF Plan | Bank of America isn’t the only Wall Street bailout recipient to warn about what is coming

TISA, TTIP and TTP = Corporate hegemony and economic warfare

Tools For Freedom | It’s all about the push towards global governance or world government, by centralizing power
american flag

26 incredible facts about the Economy that every American should know for the Trump-Clinton...

Economic Collapse | The next president is going to inherit the biggest economic problems that this nation has ever faced

Gallup: If small businesses keep dying “We’ll lose the whole middle class”

SHTFPlan | The people of the future will become feudal serfs once again – albeit with really cool smart phones
Bank of China

BIS warns China is imploding

Daily Coin | China facing full-blown banking crisis, world’s top financial watchdog warns
wells fargo bank

With CEO in hot seat, Wells Fargo fallout just beginning

Common Dreams | "Shouldn't WellsFargo CEO return $10 million in performance pay when said performance yields a $185 million fine?"

More jobs shipped out of the country: Ford moves all small car production to...

Economic Collapse | What is going to happen when America finally doesn’t have any manufacturing jobs left at all?

Fed tells congress to restrict banks from buying stocks, commodities

Zero Hedge | What is The Fed suddenly worried about?
banker, bailout, banksters

U.S. Congressman asks FBI to release notes from financial crisis banker investigations

Liberty BlitzKrieg | The U.S. Department of Justice handles banker criminals like juvenile offenders

Revolution rising: Colossal protests rock socialist Venezuela

Infowars | Millions rise up against socialism

Why luxury TVs are affordable when basic health care is not

FEE | Competitive industries offer goods and services that are falling in price due to market pressure

Ferguson-area cities “terrorizing” poor through modern-day debtors’ prisons: Federal lawsuit

Common Dreams | We can't "hold people in jail because they're too poor to pay a debt," says lawyer
white house

The U.S. has lost 195,000 good paying energy industry jobs

Economic Collapse | The Wall Street Journal says that this is the weakest “economic recovery” since 1949
wtc rooftop of tower

Ireland jails 3 top bankers over 2008 collapse — the opposite of what the...

Anti Media | U.S. and English bankers have evaded convictions altogether
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Barack Obama is on track to be the only president in history to never...

The Economic Collapse Blog | This was supposed to be the year when the U.S. economy finally returned to “normal”