cashless society

Once cash is banned they will be able to force you to buy products:...

Mac Slavo | Globalists and big banks continue to push for a cashless society.
gold and silver coins

Michael Noonan: Gold & Silver – The elites have decimated the country

Daily Coin | I like both gold and silver. Both have been money, real money, depending on who you ask, for anywhere from four to six thousand years.

Fed tells congress to restrict banks from buying stocks, commodities

Zero Hedge | What is The Fed suddenly worried about?
Communications, cable, internet, switchboard

Blame government, not markets for monopoly

Ron Paul Institute | Corporate mergers and “hostile” takeovers can promote economic efficiency

The path to Fed-exit

Ron Paul Institute | I recently proposed that the liberty movement capitalize on Brexit with “Fed-exit”
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It starts today: “A financial collapse is imminent within this six month time period”

Mac Slavo | All the data points are just screaming that a financial collapse is imminent

Stealing from the citizenry: How government goons use civil asset forfeiture to rob us...

Rutherford Institute | If the government can arbitrarily take away your property, you have no true rights: you’re nothing more than a serf or a slave
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Silver — the monetary safety net

Daily Coin | It seems you all are enjoying this series and this weeks is no different
Bank of China

Trump appoints China hawk for trade policy as China demands cooperation

Intellihub | Trump signals plan to stand up directly to Communist China

In midst of holiday shopping, protesters disrupt business-as-usual to declare ‘black lives matter’

Sarah Lazare | Iconic Mall of America flooded with demonstrators

Banned: Chase Bank says you can no longer store cash or precious metals in...

Mac Slavo | Chase customers are receiving letters informing them that they will no longer be allowed to store cash in their safety deposit boxes.

U.S. Dollar Weak, Bank Runs on the Way

Shepard Ambellas | Astonishingly, according to reports, HSBC clients have been denied the withdrawal of their own funds for a lack of good reason
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Ireland jails 3 top bankers over 2008 collapse — the opposite of what the...

Anti Media | U.S. and English bankers have evaded convictions altogether

Economic trends forecaster Gerald Celente: “The top of the top has peaked, that’s a...

Intellihub | "The fish rots from the head down [...] so too does retail"

‘Cash is being eradicated’: Digital payments take over western world

Michael Snyder | European nations such as Sweden and Denmark are ‘eradicating cash’

“It’ll be an avalanche”: Hedge fund CIO sets the day when next crash begins

Zero Hedge | Here is what Peters believes will happen over the next 8 months...
cashless society

International bankers push for cashless society

Intellihub | Will the U.S. become a cashless society?
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I took a trip to supermarket today, what I found may shock you *Photos*

Intellihub News | During my visit to the supermarket today I determined that hyperinflation is here

Ferguson-area cities “terrorizing” poor through modern-day debtors’ prisons: Federal lawsuit

Common Dreams | We can't "hold people in jail because they're too poor to pay a debt," says lawyer
silver coin

Louis Cammarosano: All about silver

Daily Coin | Where is silver going to come from?
trump trade

Secret investment meetings of the wealthiest people on the planet: “A huge fortune to...

SHTFPlan | One way or the other significant changes are afoot

Venezuela Is Out of Food: Here’s What an Economic Collapse Really Looks Like

Organic Prepper | Venezuela is out of food

Loss of American jobs prompts illegals to flee U.S.

Mac Slavo | "Life is equal in Mexico"

20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching A Global Economic Meltdown

Michael Snyder | Have you been paying attention to what has been happening in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey and China?

My God — the banks are planning to take your money: Andy Hoffman

SGT Report | Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is back to help document the collapse

Why are the IMF, the UN, the BIS and Citibank all warning that an...

Michael Snyder | The warnings are getting louder. Is anybody listening?

Government agency: If 9 substations are destroyed, the power grid could be down 18-months

Michael Snyder | What would you do if the Internet or the power grid went down for over a year?
taxes irs

IRS Commissioner: ‘Budget cuts may result in delayed refunds even shutdowns’

Shepard Ambellas | 'Satirical piece may have been right after all', says Forbes
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BLACK MONDAY: The first time EVER the Dow has dropped by more than 500...

Michael Snyder | On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 588 points

Why the keystone pipeline will actually RAISE gas Prices In the U.S.

Washington's Blog | Big oil is gaming the system to raise domestic U.S. prices