Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders had a plan to confiscate the entire Rockefeller family fortune in 1974

Intellihub | Sanders "pet issue" during the 1970's was to use government to target globalist family

New ‘knife control’ policies will stop wave of London stabbings, mayor says

Intellihub | New knife control policies enacted by London mayor in desperate attempt to stop wave of stabbing: Passersby may be searched for knives if police see fit

DHS to purchase thousands of pairs of underpants for illegal aliens

Intellihub | In a bassackawards attempt at being a legitimate agency, the DHS has now gone too far

Bill Gates calls for ‘global government’

Mikael Thalen | Billionaire claims world government "badly needed" to save the earth

Bilderberg 2015: Official agenda and attendee list – Bilderberg choses Hillary Clinton for...

Intellihub News | Full attendee list and agenda revealed for upcoming Bilderberg 2015 Conference.
security patrol city

Chicago commissioner requests U.N. troops patrol, fight violent crime, ‘genocide,’ on the streets

Intellihub | Full-fledged martial law may be coming to Chicago in the near future, county commissioner requests the United Nations to police city streets

Bilderberg Group Slithers Around to Trick Independent Media | Is the Bilderberg Group purposely letting out disinformation or running evasive campaigns to hide the secretive groups 2013 meeting location?
mayor john tory

Toronto mayor: Why does anyone in this city need a gun at all?

Intellihub | Toronto's mayor proposed a new policy concept to members of the city council on Saturday that would take away peoples right to own guns altogether
cashless society

Government seizes cash lawfully deposited by small businesses

Intellihub | A push toward a cashless society ensues
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland/Flickr)

Lavrov: Chances to reach Iran nuclear deal ‘pretty good’

RT | The chances of a breakthrough in the talks are high, but success is not guaranteed
Castries, Henri de at bilderberg2012 (Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub)

The 2016 Bilderberg attendee list is out; we know who’s attending and key topics...

Intellihub | Will the ultra-powerful group decide to allow Donald Trump to take the Presidency of the United States?

Trump to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel: White House officials

ABC News | The president does not want to "prejudice" the outcome of any future peace negotiations for a two-state solution

Destructive centralization and the GE corporatist culture

James Hall | Entrepreneurs’ versus the corporatists’ mode of business culture are separated by a vastly different view of enterprise

CFR: U.S. not need recognize Syrian soverienty in ISIS attacks

Kurt Nimmo | Syria warns any attempt to enter Syria without permission will be considered an attack
philadelphia city

Sanctuary city of Philadelphia no longer cooperating with ICE

Intellihub | Local government versus federal government gone wild: How far will liberals go to make America dangerous again by going against President Trump's policies?

Corporatism 101

James Hall | Regular readers of this Corporatocracy series should have a firm grasp on the concept of Corporatism
trump excited

Trump to China: “We will no longer allow this to continue” with North Korea

Zero Hedge | China’s biggest fears remain a collapse of Kim’s regime that sparks a protracted refugee crisis and a beefed-up U.S. military presence on its border

Why are armed “international security” personnel now arresting American citizens?

Bernie Suarez | Very recently I came across a scenario in the streets of Hollywood, California

City of London’s ownership of American Colonies | The misplaced reverence to the ill formulated U.S Constitution and hidden subjugation back to the City of London is one aspect of history that is not taught in government schools or discussed in institutes of higher education

The world’s new order: Corporatocracy, the TPP, Biotech, censorship, and re-education

Catherine J. Frompovich | Humans are unknowingly being subjugated at every level and phase of life.
Man on Cell phone

DHS plan to shut down mobile cell phones can stay secret after Supreme Court...

RT | Should we cut off cell phone service in public areas to disrupt protests in the name of public safety?

Feinstein On NSA: Nothing to See Here, Please Move Along

Kurt Nimmo | Obama and Congress continue effort to minimize damage inflicted on American people by Stasi state.
all seeing eye

Pope Francis calls for a New World Order BEFORE dollar collapse

Redsilverj | The Pope is running around the planet making an impassioned call for a “new economic and ecological world order
harley motorcycle

Harley Davidson moving factories to E.U. to avoid tariffs, remain competitive

Intellihub | Trade wars appear to be heating up: Now Harley Davidson vows to relocate factories outside of the United States to avoid tariffs

Bill Maher calls for the United Nations to invade America to stop Donald Trump

Intellihub | Maher reveals liberal fantasy to end American democracy

Web of deceit – Bilderberg and UK Internet censorship *Video*

Intellihub | There is more to the Bilderberg Group than meets the eye

Canada Being Assimilated Into a U.S. Dominated North American Security Border

Dana Gabriel | Canada’s prime minister recently addressed the CFR, a globalist think tank who have been a driving force behind the push towards deeper North American integration.

Ukraine Trade Up for Grabs — Who Will Win, Russia or the E.U.?

Staff Writer | European demonstrators fired tear-gas in protest of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov's decision to reject the European trade pact and the Russians are nervous as well.
pope kid

Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a one world religious authority in formation?

Matthew Butler | The blueprint for a global religious authority
politicians snap

Traitor John McCain trusts globalist EU, worries about new world order under strain

Intellihub | Powerful Senator confirms his pro-globalist stance