How your planet’s control structure really works

By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle Forget all about whatever you were told in school about how the world works. Stay with me...

Facebook to hammer ‘satirical’ and ‘fake news’ stories

Shepard Ambellas | Facebook clamps-down on 'hoaxes'

Border Patrol agents: U.N. taking control of America’s southern border

Kit Daniels | Under the pretense of labeling illegals "refugees," U.N. personnel are working with DHS to ship MS-13 gang members into U.S., says agent

America’s Golden Age: Slaves to Its Glory

Joe Joseph | Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult to make your co-workers, friends, parents and peers, aware that America is a shadow of what it once was?

Trump to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel: White House officials

ABC News | The president does not want to "prejudice" the outcome of any future peace negotiations for a two-state solution

Ukraine Trade Up for Grabs — Who Will Win, Russia or the E.U.?

Staff Writer | European demonstrators fired tear-gas in protest of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov's decision to reject the European trade pact and the Russians are nervous as well.
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Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a one world religious authority in formation?

Matthew Butler | The blueprint for a global religious authority
Middle East

Order Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union”

Steven MacMillanToday the chaos we see in the Middle East is the creation of Anglo-American-Israeli power, which is attempting to redraw the map to meet their present strategic and imperial objectives.
Castries, Henri de at bilderberg2012 (Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub)

Bilderbergers hit Austria June 11 – 14 to decide your future

Shepard Ambellas | How low will they go?

Dan Dicks Reveals What Really Took Place at Bilderberg 2013

Shepard Ambellas | Press For Truth's, Dan Dick's appeared on Tuesday's Intellihub radio broadcast to reveal exactly what took place during the controversial Bilderberg meeting for the first time since he returned to Canada.

Walgreens and other stores condition customers to apply for trackable membership cards to earn...

Shepard Ambellas | Walgreens and other stores are conditioning the general public to become tolerant to authority while tracking you, by making you sign up for member savings

Mini Bilderberg? Bill Gates, Bloomberg, and World’s Richest Meeting on Gated SC Island

Anthony Gucciardi | From Warren Buffet and Monsanto-linked Bill Gates to Oprah and Jeb Bush, the local media has begun reporting on a closed doors meeting between billionaires and politicians at the gated beach island of Kiawah, South Carolina.
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Report: North America being transformed into one orderless trade zone

Intellihub | SPP agenda continues behind closed doors, orderless trade zone to one day be a reality

Canada Being Assimilated Into a U.S. Dominated North American Security Border

Dana Gabriel | Canada’s prime minister recently addressed the CFR, a globalist think tank who have been a driving force behind the push towards deeper North American integration.

Final Push for a Canada-EU CETA and the Coming NAFTA-EU Free Trade Zone

Dana Gabreil | Pressure is mounting on Canada to finish up a long-delayed trade deal with the EU. Despite outstanding issues that still must be settled, there is a final push to try and complete an agreement this summer.

Destructive centralization and the GE corporatist culture

James Hall | Entrepreneurs’ versus the corporatists’ mode of business culture are separated by a vastly different view of enterprise

Is Bilderberg Presence Bringing Police-State Home To Watford?

Explosive Reports | Local Paper: Watford locals forced to show photo ID before entering their own homes

DAHBOO77: ‘The writing is on the wall; get ready for biometric entry-exit’

Intellihub | DAHBOO77 uncovers sinister biometric plot

Iraq falls to Islamic militants: here’s what the media isn’t telling you about WHY...

Mike Adams | The puppet Iraqi government installed at gunpoint by western imperialist nations is collapsing

Bilderberg’s 60-Year Trajectory Exposed

Jurriaan Maessen | Incrementalism key to Bilderberg’s long-term agenda.

DHS to purchase thousands of pairs of underpants for illegal aliens

Intellihub | In a bassackawards attempt at being a legitimate agency, the DHS has now gone too far
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Bottom line from the Paris Global Warming Summit

James Hall | What exactly will be the details decided on at this much promoted conference?

City of London’s ownership of American Colonies | The misplaced reverence to the ill formulated U.S Constitution and hidden subjugation back to the City of London is one aspect of history that is not taught in government schools or discussed in institutes of higher education
ATM Biometric Scanner

Venezuelan government announces mandatory biometric cards to control supermarket shoppers

J.D. Heyes | Venezuela's continuing experiment with Marxist socialism continues to be an abject failure

America’s UN Ambassador continues standing up for Nazis

Eric Zuesse | This was not our U.N. Ambassador’s first foray into international nazi political pandering

Guccifer Emails Link Tony Blair to Top-Secret Bohemian Grove Gathering

RT | Attending the elusive Bohemian Grove retreat should be a priority for former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, News Corp executive Andrew Knight allegedly writes in an email to US Gen. Colin Powell obtained by RT.

Globalist lockdown is here to stay

Sartre | The theater that has become the international political scene is entering its last act

Israel: A De Facto Member of NATO

Global Research | NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen received Israel’s president Shimon Peres at NATO headquarters in Brussels on March 7.

“1984” Sales Skyrocket in Wake of NSA Scandal

Jason Pye | Sales of the famous dystopian novel are soaring in light of recent government scandals.

Breaking: Official Bilderberg Attendee List Released

Bilderberg Meetings | Here is the official list of attendees for the upcoming Bilderberg meeting at The Grove in Watford, England, as well as the agenda.