Bilderberg Group Slithers Around to Trick Independent Media | Is the Bilderberg Group purposely letting out disinformation or running evasive campaigns to hide the secretive groups 2013 meeting location?

America’s UN Ambassador continues standing up for Nazis

Eric Zuesse | This was not our U.N. Ambassador’s first foray into international nazi political pandering

4H sells soul to Monsanto and U.S. Soybean Council

Daisy Luther | If you’re looking for wholesome activities for your kids, you might be considering something like 4-H

Feinstein On NSA: Nothing to See Here, Please Move Along

Kurt Nimmo | Obama and Congress continue effort to minimize damage inflicted on American people by Stasi state.

Monsanto Infiltrates World Business Council for Sustainable Development

JG Vibes | The vast majority of mainstream environmental organizations and bureaucracies have nothing to do with protecting the environment.

Andrew Tahmooressi: America’s P.O.W. in a manufactured NAFTA border war

Patrick Henningsen | It’s been said that when it comes to news reporting, there’s nothing better than getting out on the road. What a road it’s been.

European Court of Human Rights Rules Copyright Monopoly…

JB Vibes | This week a major victory for information freedom was won as The European Court of Human Rights decided that the copyright monopoly stands in direct conflict with fundamental Human Rights, as defined in the European Union and elsewhere.

G20 and BRICS Great Schism

James Hall | Global trade relationships and agreements are moving in very different directions
harley motorcycle

Harley Davidson moving factories to E.U. to avoid tariffs, remain competitive

Intellihub | Trade wars appear to be heating up: Now Harley Davidson vows to relocate factories outside of the United States to avoid tariffs

CFR: U.S. not need recognize Syrian soverienty in ISIS attacks

Kurt Nimmo | Syria warns any attempt to enter Syria without permission will be considered an attack

Watford Mayor Takes Cameron to Task Over Bilderberg Security Cost

Infowars | Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, presented Prime Minister David Cameron with a letter this week criticizing the government for passing the bill for Bilderberg security on to Hertfordshire taxpayers.

Sovereignty and the New World Order

R.J. Jacob | Very little opportunity existed for most people and someone who was born into a particular caste typically remained there for life.
american flag

Stop TPP! – The San Diego negotiations/last chance to save democracy: Day One

Intellihub | Author’s Note: Please look for the upcoming Part Three, when the “US Chief Negotiator Calls Four Senators and 132 congresspersons- Liars!”

ZMapp Ebola vaccine licensed to Leaf Biopharmaceutical in revenue sharing deal

Shepard Ambellas | ZMapp soon to be approved for commercial human use
police state

What is globalism and where is it going?

The people who remember this will lead a revolution like no revolution ever seen before
Castries, Henri de at bilderberg2012 (Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub)

Bilderberg “welcomes interest” while shutting down freedom of the press

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars reporters harassed, followed by cops miles away from site of elitist meeting.

Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

Michael Snyder | Does Pope Francis intend to help the global elite achieve their goal of uniting all of the religions of the world under a single banner?

9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Removed from UN Panel After B’nai B’rith Request

Algemeiner | "Humanitarian organization" demands that Annie Machon be removed from panel because of her beliefs.

USrael and Armageddon | You don’t have to be a follower of Cyrus Scofield to be duped into believing that the rogue nation of Israel is Zion

The Burning of Judas and the Problem of Evil

Janet C. Phelan | Last night, the people of San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas gathered in the town square to witness the traditional burning of Judas.
Senior Airman JoAnn S. Makinano | Public Domain

United Nations seeks US-based disarmament, demobilization and reintegration specialists

The United Nations is actively preparing personnel to assist in what they call “disarmament, demobilization and reintegration” activities against US citizens.
goldman sachs

Goldman Sachs claims propping up ‘the economy is great!’, funds Syrian war

Waking Times | The age of parasitic capitalism still hasn’t sputtered to its final death
obama playing pool

Obama to grant 5 million illegals temporary citizenship status

Shepard Ambellas | Obama Admin postures, preps to grant 5 million temporary status

9/11 Smoking Gun Explodes

Examiner | It turns out it’s the evidence that doesn’t exist that suggests the twin towers (and bldg. 7) were destroyed via explosives on 9/11 and not as a result of fire.

Public registration of asset ownership

BATR | What exactly is behind the motivation to force disclosure on all financial transactions?

Gun control through banning bullets | The concept of banning lead was floated before, but this latest effort to impose back door gun control has all the marking of a tin horn dictator stripping the peasants of any means of resistance
pope kid

Pope warns global economy near collapse

Huffington Post | The global economic system is near collapse, according to Pope Francis
cop21 paris climate summit

COP21 revealed: Read full text of climate summit plan designed to break smaller nations

Shepard Ambellas | Full text of COP21 agreement shows worldly plan to keep smaller nations indebted
clinton obama

The status quo plan – convince the American public to accept serfdom

Liberty Blitz Krieg | Do you want to be a slave?
central banks europe

Globalists declare war: European Union boss threatens to help break up the United States

Intellihub | "Jaw-dropping" direct threat against the country