UN Security Council rejects Palestinian statehood proposal

Jon Queally | Led by U.S. opposition, resolution put forth by Jordan fails to pass. Following vote, Palestinian Authority looks towards International Criminal Court

World’s global refugee population highest since WWII

John Queally | UNHRC reports that more than 50 million people are displaced, mostly in war-torn regions, across the globe

New Jersey Gov. Christie signs bill ‘siding with private water companies’ over public water

Andrea Germanos | 'Privatization is one of the single biggest threats to clean water and public health.'—Jeff Tittel, New Jersey Sierra Club

WHO: ‘Coordinated international response deemed essential; confirmed cases to be immediately isolated’

Shepard Ambellas | Forced quarantines coming: Camps and quarantine centers to be readied worldwide amidst worst Ebola outbreak ever

Richest 1% to have more than rest of humanity combined

Jon Queally | New Oxfam report shows the scale of global inequality is 'simply staggering'

If Obama actually cared about homeland security or Islamic terror he would seal the...

Michael Snyder | The “Department of Homeland Security” is a total farce. So is the “war on terror”.
Iraq Mosque

The Middle East harvests bitter imperialist fruit

The wall-to-wall coverage of the disintegration of Iraq ought to carry this credit: This bloodshed was made possible by the generosity of British and French imperialists.

Prefab State Terror for Human Bondage

SARTRE | The shadow cabal that exerts raw power over the public controls and dictates the mindset that passes as the popular culture