FBI arrests leader of armed militia rounding up migrants at southern border

Zero Hedge | Last week, the group rounded up more than 350 people who had crossed the border in West El Paso, Texas

Pirate Bay Founder Guilty of Hacking, Sentenced to Two Years in Prison | Following a trial spanning two weeks, the Stockholm District Court has just handed down its sentence in the Gottfrid Svartholm hacking case.

Fossil fuel titan spins Ebola crisis for corporate gain

Lauren McCauley | Guardian newspaper exposes Peabody Coal's attempt to profit from Ebola epidemic
swat raid

Rutherford Institute Sues Virginia Police for carrying out a ‘Welfare Check’ with a 2-hour,...

Rutherford Institute | SWAT raid: Flash grenade, wrongful arrest & detention

Che: A Revolution in Pop Culture Misrepresentation

Sarah Backer | The truth is wearing a Guevara shirt is much like sporting a shirt with Hitler’s or Stalin’s face on it. The only difference is that the Guevara shirt is socially acceptable, thanks to the obtuseness of Hollywood.

Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company | While the debate rages on about whether or not vaccines cause autism, a confidential document has surfaced.

Industrial band “Skinny Puppy” angry that military used their music for torture

John Vibes | Skinny Puppy sends US government an invoice after finding their music was used for torture at Guantanamo Bay
Walmart Sign

Abandoned Wal-Mart Considered as Feds Explore Immigrant Shelter Options

Adan Salazar | Feds look more than 1,500 miles inland to warehouse with leaky roof to provide immigrants shelter

Rights groups demand justice as new details on DEA spying program revealed

Nadia Prupis | As new reporting by USA Today on Wednesday exposed the scope of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's two-decade secret surveillance operation against American citizens

UN Report Slams Cruel Drug Treatment as “Torture”

Phillip Smith | Compulsory "treatment" for drug addiction in some parts of the world is "tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment," according to report last month from the UN's special rapporteur on torture and other degrading treatments and punishments.
tenn national guard

Tenn. GOP Caucus Chair: ‘We need to activate the National Guard to round up...

Shepard Ambellas | 'Give em' back to ICE'
trump rally

California hooligans are anti-free speech thugs

BATR | Guess the hoodlums never took a class on Free Speech

9/11 victim family member explains the importance of declassifying secret 28 pages

Planet Free Will | 9/11 family members still fighting years later

Arkansas sheriff’s department with DHS deny family’s civil rights and kidnap their 7 children...

Daniel Barker | The Stanleys of Garland County, Arkansas, would be considered by most to be an average American family

Under proposed law, teachers could face 6 months in jail for teaching “offensive” material

John Vibes | The bill was inspired by a recent outrage that was caused by the material in a sex education class

Federal courts say foreigners, not U.S. citizens, are entitled to due process

Paul Craig Roberts | Constitution cited for foreigners, ignored for Americans

Biotech corporations conduct human experimentation in Maui in violation of international law

Ethan A. Huff | A rogue federal judge is intentionally stalling the implementation of a referendum passed last year by voters in Maui County
TSA Screening

‘Kafkaesque’ No-Fly List Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

In landmark case, judge rules secretive list violate rights to due process and travel by air

Report: Thousands of Iraqi women illegally detained, tortured, raped

Andrea Germanos | "The abuses of women we documented are in many ways at the heart of the current crisis in Iraq.”

Why Many Prison Inmates Deserve Your Respect, Support and Sympathy

John Vibes | Prisons are places where a bunch of good, disobedient people are taken to be preyed upon by people who are actually criminals.

Poultry workers claim they’re denied bathroom breaks and wear diapers on the job

Liberty Blitz Krieg | Thanks for playin’ America

Survey: Majority of college students afraid to speak freely because they might be offensive

PlanetFreeWill | American universities have done a complete face away from the free speech havens they once were

Ukrainian government blocks 10 tons of humanitarian aid

John Vibes | Ukrainian government holding humanitarian aid from citizens

Homeless Japanese being ‘recruited’ to clean up Fukushima disaster

John Queally | Investigation reveals systematic exploitation of homeless by big business and organized crime

American Medical Association Voices Concern Over Growing Guantanamo Hunger Strikes

Derrick Broze | The president of the American Medical Association has spoken out against the practice of forced feeding at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba.

Why Massachusetts’ ban on tobacco products is anti-freedom

Eyes Open Report | The ban would include cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and even e-cigarettes or vaporizers

Egyptian Official Says Torture Dungeon is “Like a Hotel”

John Vibes | Egyptian officials recently defended the conditions of their torture prisons, comparing them to hotels

Trump: Mexico must stop immigrant ‘caravans’

The Hill | Trump has repeatedly called for a wall on the southern border, which was a signature promise of his 2016 campaign
tar sands protest

Over 200 activists killed in 2017 trying to protect land from development

Intellihub | Corporations have become all that much more fierce in recent years when it comes to acquiring their place on the map

As police ID Michael Brown’s shooter, calls for justice remain

Nadia Prupis | Darren Wilson identified as officer who fatally shot unarmed 18-year-old