Is Michelle Obama going to run for President in 2020?

End of the American Dream | In recent months, Michelle Obama has been put center stage time after time

Arizona wants to declare porn a public health crisis

Zero Hedge | Similar bills are being introduced in eleven states declaring porn a public health crisis

Does Washington rule the World?

Strategic Culture Foundation | The principle that Washington should respect the sovereignty of other states even when it disagrees with their internal policies has effectively been abandoned

Living paycheck to paycheck: The new crisis and normal for the American middle class

SHTFPlan | According to recent studies, the vast majority of the American middle class is only one missed paycheck away from poverty
corsi, jerome

Jerome Corsi sues Roger Stone for defamation | Political pundits go head-to-head in a legal battle after Jerome Corsi files $25 million defamation suit against Roger Stone.
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Apple gives deep state access to Roger Stone’s iCloud account

Gateway Pundit | Which makes us wonder… what exactly was Apple threatened with by Robert Mueller and the Office of the Special Counsel for them to abandon their firm stance against turning over user data and access to federal investigators?

Leaked Wikileaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “unconventional” weapons

MintPress News | Venezuela is far from the only country in Latin America being targeted by these financial weapons

1947: The year that changed everything – 70 years on

Tools For Freedom | 1947 was a year of infamy in terms of the New World Order agenda

It “haunts my life”: Americans over-60 owe $86 billion in student loan debt they...

Zerohedge | Americans over-60 owe $86 billion in student loan debt

Is she “the next Obama”? Why is the mainstream media working so hard to...

End of the American Dream | It seems like virtually every major Democratic politician in the entire country is at least considering running for president

Tech giants, social media now run by “left-wing journalist mafia,” warns Bokhari… radical leftism...

Natural News | Big Tech’s censorship efforts have been the subject of widespread controversy

Here are 8 things to watch during Trump’s State of the Union

Zero Hedge | Many of President Trump's recent decisions have been controversial among both Republicans and Democrats
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Russia threatens retaliation as US pulls out of nuclear arms treaty

Zero Hedge | The withdrawal, which has been expected for months, will formally take place on Saturday

Trump won’t accept trade deal unless China opens market to manufacturers, bankers and farmers

Zero Hedge | Trump insists that a final deal will require China to open up its markets

Maduro “open to talks” as 20 tons of gold mysteriously disappear from Venezeula’s vaults

Zero Hedge | Moving the 20 tonnes of gold bars, worth some $840 million, occurred shortly after the UK denied the Maduro regime

White House petition demands Nancy Pelosi be removed for treason

D.C. Clothesline | A petition posted to the White House “We the People” website demands that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., be removed from office

The REAL resistance: Sheriffs in Washington State REFUSE to enforce unconstitutional gun laws

Organic Prepper | Things are getting more and more difficult for gun owners in a state that has two very different demographics

‘Election-Meddler’ Wasserman Schultz now “Fixing Democracy” in Venezuela

Zero Hedge | Venezuela is the latest place where Republicans and Democrats have found common ground

If border walls are immoral like Nancy Pelosi says, are all of these countries...

Natural News | Are border walls meant to secure a country and keep its people safe “immoral?”

The Trump Administration is warning that the U.S. Economy may not grow at all...

Economic Collapse | This government shutdown is really starting to take a toll on the U.S. economy

Washington has appointed a President for Venezuela

Institute for Political Economy | So, now Venezuela has two presidents

Greta Van Susteren suggests FBI tipped off CNN before raiding Roger Stone

Infowars | Former Fox News host questions how news network obtained audio of FBI banging on Stone’s door

Roger Stone arrested by FBI at his Florida home | Infowars contributor and longtime associate and adviser to President Donald Trump Roger Stone has been indicted in the Mueller investigation on 7 counts.

DOJ STUDY: Gun control laws won’t work because criminals get their guns illegally

SHTFPlan | It took the United States government’s DOJ an entire study to figure out what logical human beings have already understood for decades

IMF reveals that cryptocurrency is the New World Order end game

Alt-Market | I have been suspicious of the cryptocurrency narrative of a “decentralized and anonymous monetary revolution” since 2009

BuzzFeed CEO spoofed prominent gun rights activist to spread disinformation

Zero Hedge | BuzzFeed’s culture of fake news starts at the top with founder and CEO Jonah Peretti
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Roger Stone: Deep State plans to remove POTUS Trump, VP Pence, to install Pelosi...

Natural News | “The Deep State seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion”
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Trump to settle for seethrough “physical barriers” and not a solid “wall” as promised? | Will president Trump compromise with the Democrats on his promise of a border "wall" and settle for a "steel barrier?"
bob lazarvideo

Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar appears on Larry King’s show | The man who is most famous for reverse-engineering an alien spacecraft at the secret S4 facility located in Groom Lake, Nevada, has surfaced again, this time on Larry King's show.
corsi, jerome

Senate panel subpoenas Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi

The Hill | Mueller has apparently continued to look into Corsi in recent weeks.