gold and silver coins

Michael Noonan: Gold & Silver – The elites have decimated the country

Daily Coin | I like both gold and silver. Both have been money, real money, depending on who you ask, for anywhere from four to six thousand years.
life support

Alert: Major hospital chain planned to harvest organs from live person who overdosed, gave...

Intellihub | Hospital only fined $6,000 after trying to harvest organs from live patient

Radical, Soros-backed leftists plan and execute concerted effort to attack Donald Trump and stifle...

Intellihub | "We wanted to show Trump that this is Chicago, and we run Chicago"

Black Pastor nails it at Trump rally, crowd goes wild

Intellhub | Pastor says, "we need a strong leadership in America"
secret service agentsvideo

Secret Service agents jump up to podium to protect Trump at Ohio rally; it’s...

Intellihub | Trump has close call, Secret Service agents step in

Do as you’re told — paranoid, scared elitists are terrified of a rising tide

Daily Coin | Establishment attacks in full view as things get ugly
obama motorcade sxsw

Obama attends SXSW; says, ‘Americans need to sacrifice privacy for safety’

Intellihub | Obama plans to end your privacy -- all in the name of security

How to pull over a cop like a boss

Intellihub | Watch as an activist stops a cop and even I.D.'s him
fbi hq

5 elite national FBI agents under criminal investigation for shots fired at LaVoy Finicum...

Intellihub | It looks like 'conspiracy theorists' may have been right after all: 5 FBI Special Agents now being investigated over Finicum shooting
birth certificatevideo

Did you know your parents gave you away to the ‘CROWN CORP.’ when you...

Intellihub | Your Birth Certificate is actually a Negotiable Bond and can free you of all debt!
ted cruzvideo

Cruz grandstands for Establishment, says voters fed up with Washington should not vote for...

Intellihub | Fox News host Megyn Kelly facilitates airtime for shilling

Hillary and Servergate: The email Saga

Intellihub | If one examines the recent news about Pagliano and Guccifer together, a picture of what could be developing behind closed doors may be painted
trump train

Trump train causing ripple effect across globe, New World Order quivering

Intellihub | World elite try everything in their power to derail the Trump train
torn flag

Disappearance of the Fourth Amendment — Protection from Illegal Search and Seizure

Intellihub | It seems as though a very dangerous precedent is being set here
mike huckabee

Mike Huckabee: ‘A revolution of balance has begun’

Intellihub | Mike Huckabee explains why people are voting for Trump over other presidential candidates in the primaries, talks about a "revolution"

Judge Jeanine Pirro exposes Romney as Establishment shill on Fox News *Video*

Intellihub | Romney exposed as a "corporate raider"
silver coin

Silver, the most precious of precious metals

Intellihub | If the world economy takes a tumble, what is the best precious metal to invest in?
romney at podium

Establishment attacks on Trump to backfire, populace will sway toward truth and reality

Intellihub | Romney and others acting like little kids

Will World War III begin in the Levant if the U.S. faces off against...

Intellihub | Both China and Russia have also had their own internal issues with Islamic radicalism
Intellihub Founder & Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellasvideo

Post Super Tuesday anti-Trump rhetoric ramps up

Intellihub | Establishment tries its best to take-down Trump

A young Ted Cruz planned to “takeover the world […] rule everything” — Ted’s...

Intellihub | Shockingly Cruz also wanted to appear in a "teen tit film"

Sunni Wahhabism vs. Shi’a Islam — Who foments the violence?

Intellihub | So who should the United States align itself with?
marco rubio

Rubio unleashed: Small hands, bankruptcy, immigrants and foam parties

Intellihub | Over the past week, we have seen republican candidates stoop to new lows

Political Storm: If Cruz loses to Rubio or Kasich is the race over?

Intellihub | Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas interviewed by Political Storm in Austin
storm trooper

State-sponsored media and Department of Education attempting to spawn obedient asexual worker race?

Intellihub | Students and parents argue strict dress codes impede individuality, creativity
bill clintonvideo

Watch Bill Clinton get confronted by Veteran Marine Drill Instructor at Hillary fundraiser

Intellihub | Drill instructor pounds ol' Billy boy
Roger Stonevideo

News agencies setting precedents to ‘ban’ outspoken political insiders

Intellihub | Trump insider Roger Stone banned from CNN, other agencies

New poll shows Sanders ahead of Clinton by widest margin yet

Common Dreams | Senator from Vermont leads Clinton by six points in new Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday
gop debate

Intellihub Poll: Who won the GOP debate in Texas?

Intellihub | What's your take? Vote now!