Poll of 8800 shows many believe megaquake and tsunami will soon hit Pacific Northwest


56% of poll-takers say, ‘Everything west of I-5 will be toast after coming megaquake and tsunami’

megaquake tsunami
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(INTELLIHUB) — Back in July the New Yorker caused quite a stir when the published an article titled “The Really Big one”.

In the article a FEMA official told the New Yorker that when the next big one hits you can basically kiss “everything west of Interstate 5” goodbye, because it will be all be “toast.”

Then Fox News’ Shepard Smith hyped the New Yorker report.

“The worst natural disaster in the history of America is coming […] if I lived right now in the Pacific Northwest I would be considering moving — seriously,” Fox newscaster Shepard Smith warned his audience before going on to explain how a “colossal earthquake and […] tsunami” will likely strike the Pacific Northwest in the not too distant future.

“They [scientists] are all in agreement, it is absolutely coming,” said Smith, “a wall of water […] up to a hundred feet high and up to seven-hundred feet across.

“Houses […] dump-trucks […] schools” will be washed away, “thousands and thousands will not escape.”

So because of all of this Intelihub took a poll to see what people think about the possibility of a future disaster happening off the West Coast.

Interestingly out of the 8845 people who took the pole, 4927, or 56%, said they “think a megaquake and tsunami will strike the Pacific Northwest in the near future.” The remaining 3918 people, or 44%, who participated in the poll believe a megaquake and tsunami are not so likely.

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