Portland courthouse rioters accidentally set comrade on fire with poor man’s grenade

“Get that f**kin’ fire out.”

(INTELLIHUB) — Rowdy rioters assembled outside of the Portland federal courthouse on Wednesday night where they wreaked havoc and started spot fires using various flammable devices.

Needless to say, one ANTIFA-looking numbed nitwit managed to get himself set on fire after one of his highly-skilled buddies lobbed a makeshift molotov cocktail which apparently veered off course going completely array.

The wooden armored furor met his match when the ‘poor man’s grenade’ exploded into flames at his feet costing the masked dissenter a few proverbial hit points forcing his retreat.

Withal, somebody in the crowd could be heard yelling: “Get that f**kin’ fire out.”

The courthouse could be seen burning in the backdrop.


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