Portland Police find themselves in ground war against BLM protesters

Police faced off with Black Lives Matter protesters and were forced to retreat

(INTELLIHUB) — A mob of Portland Police was forced to retreat after a skirmish with Black Lives Matter protesters got the best of them.

Dozens of police officers could be seen backing up from the unruly crowd of protesters as the night remained young.

Police held their lights and shields high as they made their way back from where they came from while fires burned in the streets making visibility poor.

Moments later, officers regrouped and attempted to disperse the crowd but smoke from a nearby fire was too thick for them to proceed.

“This is the Portland Police you are to disperse now–riot control agents and impact munitions will be used against you if you fail to comply,” a policeman said over a loudspeaker.

Downtown looked like a war zone as people could be heard chanting: “These are our f**king streets.”

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A melee ensued.

Grenades and munitions could be seen and heard hoping and exploding virtually everywhere.

In the end, the police were forced to retreat.

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