Portland under siege: Updates from the warzone, feds conducting snatch and grabs

Armed masked unmarked federal agents were captured on video snatching and grabbing Americans off the streets of Portland Thursday night as mayhem ensued

PORTLAND, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — A sector of the city fell under siege after sunset on Thursday when masked marauders, a.k.a. ‘protesters,’ created as much chaos as possible while waring with police and federal law enforcement agents who’ve been assigned to the task.

Scores of ANTIFA-spawned street pirates could be seen early on gathering fencing from a closed down city park and repurposing it to fashion makeshift barricades in somewhat of an autonomous zone.

Agents could be seen trying to smoke out the crowd and push them back as things progressed.

Armed masked unmarked agents could be seen snatching and grabbing citizens off the streets and taking them away to only God knows where.

Tacoma Police run over a crowd of rowdy street racers

ANTIFA even brought their own EMS vehicle and techs.

Several local news outlets maintain that Portland Police want to do their jobs and take back the city but higher-ups embedded within state and local governments are allowing the bedlam to persist.

Needless to say, a fire was lit near the courthouse–again.

Withal, a skirmish ensued.

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