Post Apocalyptic-Like Fuel Crisis Still Plagues New York City

Electrical pumps not functioning due to power outages at tanker fueling stations have been reportedly limiting the delivery of fuel throughout the region after New York City was hit hard by a super storm cell last week. 

By Shepard Ambellas
November 4, 2012

NEW YORK CITY — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Announced Sunday, “We are not 100% sure” when the fuel shortages will end as New York has never seen a crisis of this magnitude. However, Cuomo also said he thought the crisis was “getting better” and told residents to hang on for a few more days.

Some residents are taking the situation as it comes, while others are frustrated claiming there is little to no help from the government of FEMA. Signs posted on telephone polls in weather stricken parts of the city read, “FEMA where are you” and “FEMA please help us”.

Saturday, one man decided to go check out the current gas crisis in NYC for himself, documenting it on YouTube. He decided to walk, not waisting fuel.

In the video you can clearly see storm damage that ravaged a park in the city as large trees have been fully uprooted. Once the man completes his “nature walk” through the park he suggests, “I’m out here looking for big government, that’s  what I am looking for”…. “I wan’t a Tesla Motors Model S, you can plug that son of a bitch in just like an iPhone”.

As the man approaches the armory the setting looks somewhat apocalyptic as hundreds await their government ration of fuel (up to 10 gallons).

After the man checks out the gas situation he ends up in a flea market in what he describes as “post-apocalyptic” NYC.

Others throughout the city show frustration during the fuel shortage, waiting in long lines.

Fox News reported, “Tempers have flared at pumps, and even fights have broken out in lines”.

In Staten Island over 100 National Guardsmen are helping people get there allotments of fuel.

Others like this woman drive around waisting their fuel in an effort to search for gas, finding only long lines;

Food and water is also a major concern amongst citizens stricken by the super storm Sandy last week.  The military has been staging to offer aid to some areas;

While others report that the government and FEMA are nonexistent,

If power fails to be restored soon NYC could have more problems on their hands as the New York Police Department is already overwhelmed.

A poll taken by Saturday shows that most think martial law is a possibility in New York and could happen this week;

The poll results show that 42% of the people who participated say martial law will happen, while only 2% say it will not, the remaining 52% think that it is a possibility.

What are your thoughts?


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