Pozner vs. Halbig: Sandy Hook trial update

Although the case is ongoing, it’s looking good for Halbig

LAKE COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) — It appears that a Florida judge has thus far ruled in favor of critically acclaimed Sandy Hook researcher Wolfgang Halbig after he was brought to court by the reported “father” of deceased Sandy Hook student Noah Pozner who is seeking damages.

It came out on Wednesday that the plaintiff wanted to punish Halbig with a “hold in contempt” for recording a previous court hearing which is legal in the State of Florida.

Essentially, the plaintiff is suing Halbig over posting the plaintiff’s already public information online which is not a crime.

The case is ongoing and Halbig has been ordered to respond to some of the plaintiff’s questions by December 15.

“It’s almost as if the judge was counseling Lenny Pozner’s attorney because it was done in a very sloppy manner,” an eyewitness to the preceding said.

Featured Image: Screenshot via We Are Change Orlando/YouTube
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