Pres. Trump: White House running smoothly despite inherited mess

Trump nails it for crowd of ‘9000’

MELBOURNE, Flor. (INTELLIHUB) — Pres. Trump told nearly 9000 people at a rally inside of an airport hangar Saturday evening that despite all of the inherited mess from the Obama Administration the White House is running rather smoothly. The president pulled Air Force One within proximity of the tarmac and put on quite the spectacle for the crowd as he disembarked the presidential aircraft.

At one point the ticket line leading into the event was reported to be “a mile long” and hundreds were reportedly left outside the completely packed arena while Trump spoke inside.

The event was paid for by the Trump campaign and felt like a rally, reporters who attended the event said.

During the rally, a vibrant and good spirited Trump asked a supporter from out in the crowd who Trump had seen on TV to hop over the fence and address the nation from the podium. Seconds later the highly excited man took the microphone and proceeded. The nervous man said that he knew Trump was telling the truth and that he knew Trump would do what he promised. Trump took the mic back and shook the man’s hand again before making a comment about how the Secret Service may not have liked what just happened in a total wild card.

Soon after, Trump said that he ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Justice Department (DoJ) to stop “trans-national criminal” and “secure the southern border” in an all-out effort to keep all illegals and bad people out of our country.

[Cheers from the crowd]

The president said that he intends to build a wall.

During the rally, the president spoke in a strong tone, with vigor.

“Their agenda is not your agenda,” the POTUS said, bonding with the crowd on a common level.

“We are going to take care of our veterans [and] we are going to drain the swamp in D.C.,” he said firmly, talking about back-and-forth politics, a.k.a. one-sided politics.

‘No wonder the Democrats are doing so badly.”

‘The Dems. planned “takeover […] was the greatest defeat in modern history.’

‘The Democrats planned takeover was the greatest defeat in modern history,” he said.

happy trump
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Later in his speech, Trump said that the entire healthcare system needs to be fixed along with infrastructure “all across our great nation” — which, of course, everyone knows.

But then the POTUS made mention of “the movement” which he said is “sweeping across our country” because people “want to take back control of their lives.”

The POTUS went on to speak about his national security plans for a bit and said that we need to achieve “real peace” and “real prosperity” by opening America up for business.

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“We are fighting battles that aren’t helping us.”

‘And some of these nations that we are helping out are not paying us back or doing anything in return,’ the POTUS told the crowd.

“This is our legacy and it belongs to all of you and it belongs to every man, woman, and child in the nation.”

“We share one destiny and one glorious American flag.”

“We will make America proud again. We will make America safe Again.”


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