President Trump aboard aircraft carrier in Pacific Ocean, despite claims he’s at Walter Reed Hospital?

The United States remains in Continuity of Government as POTUS sails on a military vessel under COVERT posture somewhere in the Pacific Ocean


The mainstream media has to be the worst when it comes to fact-checking anything let alone fact-checking a video of the President alleged giving an update on his purported COVID-19 diagnosis and condition from Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland on Saturday. You see–the thing is–President Trump is not at Walter Reed Military Medical Center as claimed but is rather most-likely aboard an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and we have evidence to back it up as hospitals do not sway side-to-side forward and aft.

A 74-year-old Trump appears to have given his update on Saturday from aboard an unknown U.S. military vessel currently in a COVERT posture and is presumed to be somewhere in the Pacific Ocean at this time with its exact whereabouts unknown.

Exchangeable image file format (EXIF) data from the Associated Press obtained White House released video of the president allegedly at Walter Reed Military Medical Center reveals the video was captured somewhere in the pacific region.

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A pinned Tweet by Twitter user @0ctoberReignz, who also follows @intellihubnews reveals the details of the EXIF data.


@OctoberReignz Tweeted the following on Sunday:

Um, Excuse Me.. The EXIF Info (Clearly States) US Pacific Time Zone Of When The Image Was Taken. News Flash, Walter Reed Is On The (ATLANTIC – SIDE). Row, Row, Row Your Boat… #SkipperTrump Not Too #Sharpie

Subtitle movement on the flag tassels in the background and subtitle rolling movement on the camera perspective of the cabinetry behind President Trump as he rambles on about how he did not want to stay in the White House is another indicator that he is in a ship that is underway. Not to mention, engine noise is present in the video.

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Put the video on full screen and analyze the movement and the sound (engine noise). The president is on a ship! Watch closely on the full screen (big screen) only.

“… I had no choice because I just didn’t want to stay in the White House I was given that alternative–‘stay in the White House lock yourself in–don’t ever leave don’t even go to the Oval Office–just stay upstairs and enjoy it–don’t see people–don’t talk to people and just be done with it’–I can’t do that I had to be out front,” the president explained. “This is America–this is the United States–this is the greatest country in the world–this is the most powerful country in the world–I can’t be locked up in a room upstairs and totally safe and just say hey whatever happens happens–we can’t do that–we have to confront those problems.”

Withal, it appears Intellihub reports of an anticipated impending disaster from space (i.e. an asteroid strike) or “abrupt climate change” caused by the eruption of a super-volcano are becoming more likely every day.

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The question is how long will the threat period last? 24 hours? Several days? One month? Years?

Keep all eyes on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as she is third-in-command in the chain of succession next to Vice President Mike Pence.

H/T: David Wilson

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