Private Corporation Intends to Watch You Have Sex and More, Gearing Ads Toward You Through Your Cable Box


Private corporations intend to spy on you and gear marketing toward you in your very own living room, bedroom, or theatre in realtime.

By Shepard Ambellas
December 7, 2012

Verizon has entered a new realm of technology that can almost make your skin crawl.

The powerful communications giant has now invented and intends to market a cable box that knows exactly what is going on in the living room, or any room for that matter. In fact it knows if you are cuddling with your partner, or even aroused as it can taylor advertisements to the consumer in a realtime environment.

For instance, if the consumer or viewer(s) are watching a sexy scene in the latest R rated Hollywood blockbuster movie, a “condom” commercial could pop-up.

The technology incorporates motion sensors, thermal cameras, and microphones to spy on mindless or unaware participants.

Other corporations venture into this realm as well.

Damien Gayle reports, “Microsoft recently registered a patent for technology to allow its Kinect motion sensor to figure out how many people are in front of it then stop playback if it detected more people than the copyright terms allowed. Google TV proposed a similar patent that would use video and audio recording devices to do the same…. And Comcast in 2008 patented a monitoring technology that would recommend content to users based on people it recognised in the room.”

This technology is scary to say the least and offers an extension to internet marketing and ads that target the consumers interests online bringing them directly into your room.

Some would say this is a major invasion of privacy, while others view the technology as a convenience.

These systems will eventually work in conjunction with a massive DHS control grid, along with TSA scanners at airports and checkpoints throughout the country in what looks to be a massive incremental plan to institute a police state in America.


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