Hundreds show up across from Portland City Hall in protest of new executive order

PORTLAND, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — Hundreds of protesters with the group Unite Oregon and several other groups gathered downtown to speak out against President Trump’s temporary travel ban which bars the arrival of refugees from a few select countries.

Over 900 people RSVPed on a Facebook page for the group and many of them showed up  in support of immigrant and refugee rights.

Protesters gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza, across from Portland City Hall, and chanted, “Down with Trump! — Boo! Boo! Down with hate! — Boo, Boo.”

Nancy Hawk, co. executive dir. of the group Basic Rights Oregon is, according to her own words, “a queer Muslim [and a] daughter of immigrants.”

Hawk told the crowd, “Every part of my identity feels under attack from this Administration” and said that Trump’s “executive order will not make us safe.”

Hawk also mentioned the Québec attack in which five people were killed and several others were wounded.

“What are we doing as a nation,” Hawk questioned.

“We want the United States to be a place of refuge.”

Hawk compared Trump’s executive order to the “Chinese Exclusion Act” and got cheers from the crowd.

Another protester who identified himself as Kyle said:

“We are in unprecedented times.”

A few protesters held up signs which read:

“No Ban, No Wall.”

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Featured Image: Lorie Shaull/Flickr