Protesters in Ukraine are Disappearing From Hospitals, Others Found Tortured

Government in Ukraine shows incredible force against once peaceful protesters who are now promising to “attack” if president does not step forward

By John Vibes

UKRAINE (INTELLIHUB) — A peaceful protest in Ukraine has grown violent over the past 24-48 hours as police and government agents are responding to protesters with incredible brutality.

The Ukrainian government has killed and tortured protesters, and just recently approved the use of water cannons in cold weather.

“Water cannons shall be used by police to curb mass unrest and group violations of public order, counter attacks on buildings, structures, other facilities, and vehicles regardless of their ownership, protect civilians, and defend themselves from attacks and other actions posing a threat to their lives, health, housing, or property,” a new government proclamation stated.[1]

The previous version of the rules indicated that water cannons could be used to disperse participants in mass unrest so long as the air temperature is not below zero degrees Celsius, but now the police can fire water cannons at will regardless of temperature.

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It has also been reported that protesters are disappearing from hospitals.

“Protesters’ injuries are diverse: these are injuries from stun grenades, rubber bullets… In the aftermath of recent clashes some people had to have eye surgery. There is also information about people disappearing from hospitals. Their friends and relatives are looking for them.” said news corespondent Angelina Kariakina.[2]


In addition to these details, it was reported that activist  Yuri Verbitsky was found tortured and killed in the woods near a protest.[3]

As a response to this open brutality, protesters have promised an end to the regime in the president does not step down.[4]

Stay tuned to for more details on this developing story.


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