Prozac Found to Make Fish Homicidal/Suicidal In Even Trace Amounts

Studies have shown that Prozac, even in trace amounts, comparable to the current amount of Prozac leaked into fish ecosystems, causes fish to literally commit suicide, or even attack other fish viciously.  This same reaction is encountered in humans on a regular basis, and is commonplace among mass murders.

By Cassius Methyl
June 15, 2013

A research group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has found that exposure to Prozac in fish, even in ratios as trace as 1 dose of Prozac to 5000 gallons of water, causes the fish to become homicidal.

The group tested traces of Prozac on fathead minnows, and found that the so called anti depressant, playing a role in almost every school shooting in recent history, did absolutely nothing to tranquilize or balance the fish as it is supposed to do in humans, but instead led the fish to disturbing, seemingly compulsive violent behavior. Behavior that is so far outside the ordinary behavior of these fish, that people are starting to question whether this drug is anything more than a mass murder pill for some people, and fish, if not more life forms.

What makes this knowledge even more critical to understand, is that Prozac is excreted in human urine, into our water supply and into fish habitats such as lakes and rivers, and very well could cause fish to behave this way all over the place.

Since this highly unusual and disturbing, systematically self destructive behavior of the effect of Prozac on fish has been discovered, some people are finally waking up to the dead serious implications of allowing big pharma to do what they do. That is, allowing the pharmaceutical industry to lead to what America faces now, which is one in every ten people in America on this bizarre drug.

How could America possibly continue on, or any country, with this many people becoming literally walking water supply polluters? This chemical hardly breaks down at all and just builds up and up, so how could it not find its way into nearly all water, as it is excreted by one in ten Americans, in significant amounts, every day? It seems Prozac may eventually be present in drinking water everywhere, in such high doses that people are forced to be on Prozac just to cure basic human thirst, if this pattern continues.


It is time for America, and everyone in the world who takes this chemical, to wake up to the real implications of trusting the pharmaceutical industry with these synthesized chemicals. The environmental implications, individually psychological implications, and all other possible outcomes.

We as a species have found ourselves in a complex new world that is changing faster and faster, exponentially we change, and take on newer ways that could fundamentally change our planet and way of life.

Some people often go without considering the end result of things in general nearly enough, and just trust people who don’t know what they are talking about, or don’t care to tell the truth.

On a more general and philosophical note, we as a species must fine tune and sharpen our level of awareness and consciousness for what we are doing to ourselves, all life on earth, and our planet itself, and allow that consciousness be balanced with the exponential rate that we are accelerating. Because if we do not balance our level of awareness with what we are doing, with the things we are doing, we will find ourselves in a mess of consequences that may not be reversible.

Not to mention, there are some very powerful figures on earth who would love to steer humanity in a direction where we can be more easily manipulated, more docile, less able to manage ourselves and our planet.

With that being said, it is a persons responsibility to ensure that his or her fellow human beings understand what is going in around them, because if everyone stays unconscious and unaware of potential catastrophic consequences to the new things we do and ingest, we will all be doomed.

So if you think this article or a similar one has information that would increase the level of consciousness of a person, who you know isn’t very conscious, spread the info. Share reality with everyone you can, and that is a way we can preserve our humanity and balance.



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