Putin warns: ‘Global war likely, nuclear options have irreversible consequences’

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‘Global thermal nuclear war will yield no winners’

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — Russian President Vladamir Putin has once again marked his “return to the world stage” recently achieving “regional ambitions while simultaneously fighting terrorism” in Syria as pointed out by journalist Tyler Durden in an article published Thursday.

In his piece Durden focused on Putin’s speech “at the International Valdai Discussion Club’s 12th annual meeting in Sochi” where the Russian President delivered a “sweeping critique of military strategy and foreign policy,” saying:

“We had the right to expect that work on development of US missile defense system would stop. But nothing like it happened, and it continues. This is a very dangerous scenario, harmful for all, including the United States itself. The deterrent of nuclear weapons has started to lose its value, and some have even got the illusion that a real victory of one of the sides can be achieved in a global conflict, without irreversible consequences for the winner itself – if there is a winner at all.”

N³’s Gary Franchi also chimed in on the issue which he’s calling “highly volatile rhetoric.”

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“Basically Putin is taking Obama to the woodshed on foreign policy,” Franchi said.

“During all of these speeches we are seeing Putin put out he’s spanking Obama.”

“You don’t arm rebels; you just go in and wipe them out,” It’s not about a “politically correct war,” said Franchi.

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