Putin’s Greek pawn gambit


By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle

In my earlier blog post on 17 March of this year, Hey Obama — The Chess Match Just Started, I broached the idea that Greece’s request for major war reparations from Germany for the WW-II NAZI invasion and occupation of Greece, and associated war crimes, could plausibly be seen as a sly gambit by multiple countries to ultimately ensnare the war-mongering USSA and bring it to heel.

By successfully imposing heavy reparations on Germany 70 years after the cessation of military hostilities in WW-II, a conspicuous international legal precedent would be set that could then potentially be imposed on the USSA for its many invasions and military occupations, and CIA coups and assassinations in the post-WW-II era, and even before, going back to the so-called “Indian Wars” (really invasions, slaughters and massacres) of the 19th century, invasion of Mexico and annexation of Mexican territory, the Spanish-American war and massive war crimes in the Philippines, the ongoing, unlawful, military occupation of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, etc.

Given the scope of the Greek case against Germany, £250 billion in war reparations for the NAZI military invasion, occupation and associated war crimes in the 1940s, the potential war reparations from the USSA would surely run into the many trillions of dollars, effectively bringing down the USSA government and gutting the Pentagon, NSA and CIA.

Checkmate. Game over. Set and match to Putin and his international allies.

Here is what I said:

At the same time that everyone’s attention was focused on Putin’s unexplained absence, and then his sudden reappearance and massive Russian military maneuvers, a few other things transpired.

Things that plausibly fall into the category of tiny, little, innocuous-seeming pawn movement; things that could very easily be pages right out of an asymmetrical warfare play book. Sun Tzu is probably even taking notes.

Here’s the first little move:

Seventy years after the conclusion of military hostilities in World War II, Greece is now demanding that Germany pay £250 billion in war reparations for the NAZI military invasion, occupation and associated war crimes in the 1940s. That is “b” as in billions of pounds. A very large sum of money, indeed. The issue has been simmering for the last few years, but has suddenly today flared up into the mainstream news cycle with renewed vigor.

Let’s game play this out.

Remember last month when French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel suddenly flew to Moscow for an unannounced, behind-closed-doors meeting with Vladimir Putin?

Putin meets Merkel, Hollande behind closed doors in Moscow

Please keep this very simple point in mind: We actually do not know what they talked about.

Their public statements and private discussions could easily have been two very different things entirely.

This meeting certainly had a context.

The publicly announced reason was to attempt to peacefully resolve the military conflict in the Ukraine.

I strongly suspect that that may have been a plausible cover for a mouth-to-ear, private discussion involving even more serious business: how to hog tie, castrate and gut Mordor-on-the-Potomac and its savage, feral hog, ZioNAZI partner in global crime, without plunging the world into a hellish nuclear conflict in which all of humanity and the world itself will be irretrievably devastated.

Wouldn’t you know that just the day before meeting Hollande and Merkel, Putin had invited the newly elected Greek prime minister to visit him in Moscow, for the big, World War-II victory celebration in Red Square on May 9th.

However, just today it has been announced that the Greek prime minister’s trip to Moscow will be moved up to April 8th, a full month earlier. Of course, today is also the day that the Greek government’s demand to Germany for huge WW-II war reparations has appeared in the mainstream news cycle with a vengeance.

What a coincidence.

And I elaborated further:

So here is what I think they are doing to bring to heel Mordor-on-the-Potomac and its savage, feral pig, ZioNAZI partner in global crime.

Germany, France, Greece and Russia will arrange to have Greece (the little, innocuous-seeming chess pawn) sue Germany for expensive war crime reparations from World War II. Germany will resist a little, but in the end will pay Greece a very large sum of money for the German military invasion, war crimes and occupation in the 1940s.

That payment will set a significant, international legal precedent that can then be used against the USSA. It will be considered a small price to pay to put an end to the warmongering of the USSA/ZioNAZI Axis of Evil.

The Navajo Nation, the Sioux Nation, the Cherokee Nation, the Kingdom of Hawai’i, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, East Timor, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the eastern provinces of Ukraine, and more, will then have the way open to sue the USSA in the coming years for war reparations of many trillions of dollars, for all of the invasions, military occupations, CIA coups, and war crimes that the USSA has committed over the last two centuries.

That scenario will take awhile to play out, but in the main, I believe that something like that is in the works. The world has had enough of USSA evil, lies, insanity and demonic savagery, masquerading as “freedom” and “democracy.”

Here’s How It’s Playing Out

So far, things are going just about as I anticipated. It remains to be seen what ultimately occurs, but the events to this point have transpired as if following the script I have sketched out above.

After the recent Greek request for huge war reparations, a whopping $306 billion in USSA dollars (actually Federal Reserve Notes), German Economy Minister and Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel immediately responded and described Athens’ most recent assertion that it is owed more than 278 billion euros ($306 billion) as “quite frankly, stupid.”

This adamant, high-level, German rejection of the Greek claim as being “stupid” is exactly what I expected.

Nothing happens by accident at that level of politics. It has all been choreographed. As I noted above, “Germany will resist a little, but in the end will pay Greece a very large sum of money for the German military invasion, war crimes and occupation in the 1940s.”

Sure enough, the Greens’ spokesman on European affairs, Manuel Sarrazin, and the chairperson of the German-Greek group of parliamentarians, Annette Groth of the Left party, both called on the German government to pay the 10.3 billion euros Greece claims it is owed for a forced NAZI loan, with the Greens’ European Affairs spokesman going so far as to recommend that Greece’s larger war reparation claims be referred to the International Court of Justice.

And now, a month later, German President, Joachim Gauck, has also spoken up to express understanding of the Greek claim against Germany. Here’s what the German President has said:

We are not only people who are living in this day and age, but we’re also the descendants of those who left behind a trail of destruction in Europe during World War Two – in Greece, among other places, where we shamefully knew little about it for so long.

It’s the right thing to do for a history-conscious country like ours to consider what possibilities there might be for reparations.

So the initial, adamant, high-level, German refusal to accede to Greece’s demand for massive war reparations was quickly followed by German opposition party figures expressing sympathy for the Greek demands, and most recently by the comments of the German President in favor of paying war reparations.

The Russians Pitch In

And then — surprise! — the Russians suddenly threw their support to Athens by supplying the Greeks with “previously unused archives” from World War II that could bolster their war reparations case against Germany.

Following a request by Alternate Defense Minister Costas Isichos, the Russian Embassy in Athens has provided Greek authorities with a list of the relevant archives, including documents, photographs and documentary footage.

How helpful!

If this process continues and results in Greece being awarded many billions of dollars in war reparations 70 years after World War II, just think of the international legal precedent. The USSA government, military and CIA have invaded, occupied, bombed, embargoed, sanctioned, blockaded, assassinated and sponsored coups in practically half the planet over the last two centuries.

Using such a precedent, how much would the USSA government, CIA and military owe to the Philippines, (unified) Korea, Haiti, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Chile, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Hawai’i, Puerto Rico, Cuba, East Timor, Indonesia, myriad Pacific Islanders whose homes and islands were obliterated by nuclear weapons tests, and all of the Native North American Nations the USSA has brutalized, exploited and slaughtered?

There is not enough money in the world to make amends for all of that. The crimes are unpardonable and they now stretch across more than two centuries.

Now you see how Putin’s Greek pawn gambit is shaping up. It’s coming along nicely. It won’t play out all at once, but will proceed by incremental steps. If at some relatively near future point the Germans make a show of paying Greece “X”-number of billions of dollars as reparations for NAZI war crimes in Greece in the 1940s, then Katie bar the door. If the Germans pay a very large sum then it is probably safe to assume that it is only a matter of time before it will be open season on the USSA government, military and CIA and major cases for huge war reparations and human rights violations are brought in a wide variety of International Legal Commissions and Tribunals.

It won’t help the USSA one bit that its wicked economic, political and military system is teetering on the verge of collapse right now. An enormous flock of karmic chickens without number is even now winging home to roost in the shattered remains of the “exceptional people’s” country. All of those who waved the American flag and cheered on the troops during the wars (horrific slaughters) in Vietnam, Iraq, Central America, Libya and elsewhere may very well discover exactly what they were cheering for — and it will not be pretty.

Count on it.

And for all of those military veterans out there vigorously waving the flag and braying about their military “service” in foreign wars– yeah, exactly what and whom did they “serve”?

I am not fooled and neither should you be. But if you are and you live in the mainland USSA, just wait awhile longer, and you very well may find out what military “service” means.

Though it is true that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jade Helm operation, a few months from now, doesn’t begin to open a few eyes.

I don’t even want to think about what will follow, what is planned for 2016, 2017 and 2018.


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This article originally appeared on Event Horizon Chronicle.

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