Quite possibly the best 9/11 footage released to date *New*


Useless Eater/YouTube

Pre-explosions under WTC towers caught on video/audio tape

NEW YORK, NY (INTELLIHUB) — A rare video, shot by an amateur, of the Sept. 11, 2001 ‘attack’ on the World Trade Center may be some of the best uncut footage released to date.

Shockingly, according to the video’s maker, “pre-collapse explosions” can be heard at the following timestamps:

  1. 9:55:00
  2. 9:56:05
  3. 9:56:10
  4. 9:56:21
  5. 9:56:51
  6. 9:56:54
  7. 9:56:56
  8. 9:56:57
  9. 9:58:12

The footage is a must watch and listen for all 9/11 truthers and people who want to learn more about what really happened on that dreadful day.


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