ISIS is “running circles around us”

By Shepard Ambellas

LOS ANGELES (INTELLIHUB) — Rabi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center, appeared on a CNN broadcast Sunday pushing for censorship of “digital terrorism” on the Internet and social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

However the push is nothing more than propaganda aimed to take away free speech on the Internet altogether.

“The real crisis right now is not so much the hate speech on campus, although that’s bad enough, but when you have some of the other companies that allow for encrypted conversations between individuals without any opportunity for law enforcement or intelligence to know how the communication goes” this could pose a problem, said Rabi Cooper, acting as if all of the general public’s communications should be monitored by Big Brother.

“We’ve seen how you can go from Twitter to a conversation with an ISIS soldier in Syria and not be traced back.” Rabi Cooper said.

A CNN correspondent, shilling for the establishment, jumped in on the action saying, “We know for a very long time after what happened with Edward Snowden there was kinda this a backlash where we thought hey we want our privacy. But now we’ve seen what’s happened with ISIS over the last year or so where they are actively reaching out to people, actively spreading their message. And Twitter is an interesting company because they have kinda taken a stand over the last six months on this where they are actively trying to take down these accounts. […] But what’s even scarier is the dark web.” where you can “pay in Bitcoin” and “can not trace it”.

You see, this is all an attempt to take away the last beacon of free speech that we have left besides our voices, the Internet. Moreover it’s also a push to not allow alternative currencies the opportunity to flourish as a one world currency/government is also in the works.

However much of their, the powers-that-be’s, business stems from the Internet. So rather than shut it down entirely they want to be able to intercept, regulate, and censor what is being said and done online as they yearn to ban independent news websites such as Intellihub in the future altogether.

Rabi Cooper went on to essentially call for social media creators, experts, to censor and ban the “evil doers” from spreading their information online.

“It’s true Twitter has finally begun to take off tens of thousands of Tweets but they have made it too easy for the groups that back the terrorists to get right back online.”, the Rabi said, urging social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to make it more difficult for banned people to get back onto the web.

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