Rachel Maddow’s release of Trump’s 2005 “client copy” tax return flops


Maddow’s quest for ratings continues with release of Trump’s 2005 federal tax return

(INTELLIHUB) — Financial reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show Tuesday evening after receiving a leaked “client copy” of the first two pages of President Donald Trumps 2005 federal tax return in his “mailbox.”

Both Maddow and Johnston played up the release of the partial return before and during the show in an effort to attract viewers but failed to really deliver anything. In fact, it has even been speculated by at least one outfit that President Trump himself leaked the return.

The two pages released by MSNBC show that “President Donald Trump earned $153 million and paid $36.5 million in income taxes in 2005,” according to the Associated Press.

The AP reports:

The pages from Trump’s federal tax return show the real estate mogul also reported a business loss of $103 million that year, although the documents don’t provide detail. The forms show that Trump paid an effective tax rate of 24.5 percent, a figure well above the roughly 10 percent the average American taxpayer forks over each year, but below the 27.4 percent that taxpayers earning 1 million dollars a year average were paying at the time, according to data from the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

At 24%, President Trump paid a higher tax rate than Barack Obama, MSNBC Comcast, and Bernie Sanders, making him look good.

A White House spokesman released the following statement before Maddow’s show aired:

Before being elected President, Mr. Trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family, and his employees, to pay no more tax than is legally required.

To that being said, Mr. Trump paid $38 million even after taking into account large-scale depreciation for construction, on an income of more than $150 million, as well as paying tens-of-millions of dollars in other taxes such as sales and excise and employment taxes and this illegally published return just proves that.

The dishonest media can continue to make this part of their agenda, while the President will focus on his, which includes tax reform that will benefit all Americans.

Rachel Maddow seemed somewhat threatened by the White House spokesman’s statement and responded, “For the record, the First Amendment gives us the right to publish this return — it is not illegally published.”

Johnston, the reporter who claims he received the two pages in his mailbox said, “They came over the transom.”

Johnston said:

“And by the way, one of the biggest places he [Trump] owes money to is the communist government of China’s Bank of China, which is also the biggest single tenant in Trump Tower.”

Johnston carried on and attempted to tie the President to the Russians by saying:

“The thought that the Republicans would defend a President who has been involved for 30-years with the Russians, not Russia — Russians who are around Putin — and to be borrowing money from Beijing.”

Withal, it’s evident Maddow is just on a “quest for ratings,” just as the Drudge Report headline reads.

Political analyst Mark Dice also chimed in on the matter by trolling “Richard Mancow” (a.k.a. Rachel Maddow) on YouTube.

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