Racist leftists attack, mock Dr. Stella Immanuel over passion to protect human lives

Screenshot via Twitter

After bravely taking a stand for health freedom at the recent “White Coat Summit” put on by America’s Frontline Doctors in Washington, D.C., Dr. Stella Immanuel, a black woman from West Africa, is enduring an endless barrage of abuse from leftists, which are relentlessly mocking both her ethnic heritage and her Christian faith.

Headlines such as, “Trump’s New COVID Doctor Says Sex With Demons Makes You Sick,” compliments of the far-left The Daily Beast, are running rampant. And white liberals everywhere are sharing these headlines on social media, and openly making fun of Dr. Immanuel for her deliverance ministry.

In an attempt to make her sound as ridiculous as possible – and exploiting her skin color and West African heritage in order to do so, all while claiming to be “anti-racists” – the “science”-worshiping left is using phrases like “alien DNA” and “demon sperm” to caricature Dr. Immanuel’s medical philosophies and experiences, many of which are based on her experiences working with demon-possessed patients in Africa.

“I do not know the culture of Nigeria where Dr. Immanuel trained but I know witchcraft and child sacrifice are very real things in Uganda,” wrote The All Natural Parents group on Facebook. “I also know this woman had to leap over tall buildings and be twice as smart as her counterparts to retrain and be allowed to practice in the states.”

“Though they imply it … she isn’t stupid,” this same page adds, offering the dignity and respect to Dr. Immanuel that the far-left mainstream media would never offer. “In her culture, she is very in tune with her people.”

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