Radiation Report: Austin Texas

The Intellihub
Paul in Texas
April 13, 2011

Latest Data Set:
Count Rate Dose
Minimum 165 0.275 0.103
Maximum 250 0.417 0.158
Average 202 0.337 0.127
Noticed a slight upward movement in the Count/period where average is over 20.2 counts per minute.  Nothing staggering, but still some movement.
We had one front with little rain.  No beta activity (no deviation) from normal readings when looking at samples.
I’ve upgraded to the latest Gamma Scout hardware and software, so the data will seem different.
I will update on a weekly basis with 1min sample period now since the logging depth has increased.
The older scout will be going to Idaho in June, so I’ll have samples from 2 spots soon.