Radio station jammed after it was reported U.N. vehicles have entered the city of Chicago, station operator claims


‘U.N. vehicles are already in Chicago, and they cut the station feed,’ claims station operator

Editor’s note: Let me make it clear that you need to read this article. People are jumping to conclusions saying it is fake news but let’s go over what the article actually says.

The article says that Matt Dubiel reported on “The Alex Jones Show” recently that he saw U.N. vehicles enter the city via train back on August 16, 2017. (Take note the guy did not say this is happening right now as some are trying to claim. It happened in August.)

Additionally, the article says that a company of U.N. vehicles are currently staged at a warehouse in Maryland. (This is a separate batch of vehicles from those spotted by Dubiel in mid-August and they are still there.)

Next, the article says that the Cook County Commissioner recently met with the U.N. undersecretary in order to convenience the undersecretary that troops are needed on the streets. This article is in no way fake news.

CHICAGO (INTELLIHUB) — WCKG 1530 AM radio station operator Matt Dubiel claims that The Alex Jones Show radio feed was cut off, “faded,” as Jones started speaking about the U.N. vehicles which have already entered Chicago.

The vehicles were originally reported by Intellihub’s founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas on Dec. 18 in a piece titled “Heavily armored company of U.N. vehicles and equipment staged behind Maryland warehouse and are ready for rapid domestic deployment” after the bombshell footage was uploaded to YouTube.

Additionally, Ambellas reported back on Dec. 16 that “Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and his team meet with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations on Friday to request the organization deploy armed troops into the streets in an effort to curb violent crime and sidestep Posse comitatus which bars the U.S. military to be deployed on domestic soil.”

WCKG’s Matt Dubiel maintains that he spotted a trainload of U.N. vehicles entering the city of Chicago back in August when he was followed and arrested. If true, this would mean that the vehicles are already there and are ready.


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