TSA agent shills for establishment, citing 9/11 dis-info during search

By Lexi Morgan

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl. (INTELLIHUB) — Radio talk show host Bob Tuskin was exercising his rights at a TSA checkpoint in a local airport while on his way to New York recently, catching the entire event on film.

Tuskins intention was to avoid the “naked body scanners” and “radiation devices”, opting-out, only to find out he would be treated like a slave by TSA staff for doing so.

“Stand over here. What are you walking around for?”, one of the agents asked, addressing Tuskin.

During the invasive screening procedure, the TSA screening agent ran his hands through Tuskin’s waistband in the front and back several times before asking Tuskin to remove all items from his pockets.

“Very invasive”, Tuskin said.

Tuskin proceeded to talk to the screening agent about “Federal Reserve notes” making general conversation during the search.

When Tuskin asked the agent if he had ever heard of building 7, which collapsed at “free fall speed” on Sept. 11, 2001. The TSA agent said he knew about the building, citing that “buildings 1 and 2 fell on top of it”, in an attempt to shill out for the establishment.

Welcome to America.

Video Source: Bob Tuskin/YouTube

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