John Temblador/IntellihubJohn Temblador/Intellihub

Another train loaded with military vehicles spotted ahead of #JadeHelm15

YERMO, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — A military rail train was recently spotted by a reader, John Temblador, and captured on camera traveling through the desert loaded with hundreds of armored personnel carriers and tanks.

This information is being posted to document known movements ahead of JADE HELM 15.

In the last three months we have seen an unprecedented increase in the amount of military movements and urban military training throughout the country and this is yet another example.

John Temblador/Intellihub
John Temblador/Intellihub

Video: Train loaded with military equipment (John Temblador/Intellihub)

If you have more pictures or information on this or any other suspicious activity related to urban military training please remember to send them to for posting.

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