Rail-train transporting “Delta Company” vehicles and equipment passes through major city

YouTube/T. Wallace

Some markings covered up and hidden from public

By Staff Writer

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (INTELLIHUB) — A rather lengthy rail-train, loaded down with military vehicles labeled “Delta Company”, passed through the city Friday and was captured on film by YouTuber T. Wallace.

Tanker trucks, up-armored Humvees, medical trucks, mobile generators, and flatbeds all slowly made their way through the downtown area.

“You all seen that paper on there?” Wallace asked, referring to how some of the vehicle logos were covered up by paper, hidden by the shipper, the U.S. military.

“These people ain’t playin’.”, said Wallace.

“I mean where they goin’?”

Where they comin’ from?”

It is not currently known if the vehicles spotted are part of the JADE HELM 15 exercise.

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