Real hoverbike to hit commercial market in 2017

Return of the Jedi is here, hoverbikes to be a reality in 2017

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — The 2-person Aero-X hoverbike looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie to say the least and has been long-awaited by motorcycle enthusiasts like myself.

While the technology is new, it is rather impressive.

According to the manufacture’s website, the hoverbike can reach an altitude of 12 feet and go up to 45 MPH.

The manufacture writes:

It’s a hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle – an off-road vehicle that gets you off the ground.

The Aero-X can be adapted for unlimited outdoor uses: surveying, search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, aerial agricultural, ranching, and much more.

Or maybe you just want go out to the desert and fly.

Michelle Star reporting for wrote:

User-friendliness has figured heavily in the design, with handlebar controls for intuitive steering and safety features that keep the driver from flying too high or too fast — both of which would drain its fuel more quickly anyway. This also helps it comply with the US Federal Aviation Administration’s guidelines, which require a pilot’s license for anyone operating a vehicle above an altitude of 3.7 metres (12.1 feet).

And yes, it does fly over water as well.

If you have that $85,000 to burn, you can even reserve yours now, for a refundable deposit of $5,000. Head on over to the Aerofex website for more information.

Fun times.

(Photo: Areofex)

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