Real life 90210 drama unfolds over school rivalry

Brawl ensues over basketball game

By Lexi Morgan

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — Like a scene out of the hit TV series 90210, lot’s of punches and fowl words were exchanged as things got out of hand after Santa Monica H.S. suffered several basketball game losses to Beverly Hills H.S. JV and Varsity teams.

According to reports, Samohi students, on Jan. 23, were so bitter about the events that they even followed one Beverly student to his Mercedes ,which was parked outside the Santa Monica Civic Center, before proceeding to jump on his hood and roof, keying his car, and smashing in his headlights.

Beverly H.S. students were reported to have been outnumbered and reports conclude that Samohi students started the altercation.

Staff from both schools are now trying to defuse the long-time rivalry and are concerned about the security of future games.

According to Beverly H.S. official at least 5 squad cars and police will be dispatched to watch over the next game.

“If I do not believe that we can participate at Beverly safely, I will cancel all game.”, wrote the Santa Monica principal in a letter addressed to parents.

The principal of Santa Monica High blames students from both schools for taunting and retaliating.

The two schools meet up again this coming Tuesday evening — this time on Beverly Hills High turf., reports CBS Los Angeles.

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