RECON ALERT: Strange Occurrence in New York Subway – Requesting Intel

The Intellihub
January 25, 2012

NEW YORK — Last Friday a strange event took place in a New York Subway.The event seems out of the ordinary, therefore we have chosen to report on it in an attempt to flush out more information from whistleblowers and/or eyewitnesses. At this time we are not exactly sure what prompted this event in the subway near One World Trade.

The original report from Earth Walker reads;

Thousands of passengers, mostly financial district workers were suspiciously herded into the Path Trains boarding area. A passenger over heard a police officer as saying they need crowd control in this area while the trains were being re-routed.

There was no explanation offered as to why this happened but, the passenger that experienced this event did point that most of these people worked in the financial district. The suspicion is that because this happened near the entrance of the One World Trade Center , this might possibly be staging of a false flag event to potentially eliminate the financial workers and Wall Street, thus eliminating traces of money laundering and astronomical financial impropriety. This suspicion is perhaps a logical leap to consider the fallout if such an event would actually occur.

Much like the destruction of the World Trade Center, the evidence of money laundering and astronomical financial impropriety would be eliminated if such an event did happen.

Maybe the NYPD is practicing for such an event or if this is a staging, this must not turn into another 9/11.

If anyone knows more about this incident in the subway, now is the time to expose it.

If you have any information on this event contact us:

Update: We received this email shortly after publishing the above article:

I have an uncle who works in lower Manhattan and takes the path train during the weekdays. He spoke to me about a similar incident on the path train in which an NYPD female Sergeant apparently became upset that several rookie cops were allowing passengers to walk in-between the cars.

She scolded the officers and ordered them to get everyone off the train. The rookie cops, embarrassed obviously, and wanting to gain her approval began to systematically walk from car to car removing everyone off the train. Most of the passengers were of the corporate type who work in the financial district.

My uncle was shocked at how blatantly irresponsible this female Sergeant was behaving and how arrogantly she was pushing her weight around with these rookie cops. She might have been a rookie Sergeant as well. Anyway, this may or may not be the same incident that you’re reporting on in your article. Hope it helps.