RECON: Federal agents, Rangers and F.B.I. now staging by hundreds in Vegas, possibly for massive armed raid of Bundy Ranch

A "red alert" posted on YouTube claims that hundreds of law enforcement agents are now staging en masse at hotels within the city, possibly to raid the Bundy Ranch on short notice

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Editors note: The following has not yet been independently confirmed by Intelllihub News, but we are working on it. If you are in Las Vegas and can confirm or deny this Youtuber’s video please contact us. Please check back for updates.

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — According to a video posted on YouTube by FreedomFighters2127, an unidentified law enforcement officer leaked critical information to someone known only as “J”, warning that at least 140 agents are now staging en masse throughout different hotels within the city.

According to the video, “[…] there are more agents than can be counted.”

In fact, an excerpt posted on describes the scene, pointing out how “hotels are being filled with Federal Agents, Rangers and FBI arriving in unmarked vehicles. Most of the vehicles are white, some are black. They are being parked in secure areas and are under lock and key and some are in back parking as well. So no one can nosing around. Never mind those who may be flying in. They’re obviously building up for something.”

Update – Apr. 23, 2014, 12:39 EST: A search of the Las Vegas Flamingo hotel has turned up nothing.

Screencapture via John B/YouTube