Rectangle-shaped UFO photographed in sky near Charlotte NC

UFO skeptics claim the Goodyear blimp was flying over the city at the same exact time the rectangle-shaped object was filmed

A photograph of a rectangle-shaped unidentified flying object in the sky above Kings Mountain on August 18 has caused quite the controversy between UFO buffs and naysayers who claim the object was nothing more than the ‘Goodyear blimp.’

Javion Hill posted the photo to Facebook on August 28th which document what he actually witnessed in the night sky about ten days prior.

Kings Mountain is just east of Charlotte, North Carolina.

It has been reported that the ‘Goodyear blimp’ was airborne in the area at the time but it’s not conclusive.

goodyear blimp
Justin Foulger/Flickr

H/T: @tronictime on Twitter

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