Amazon’s Alexa maintains bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, will occur on “May 25, 2018”

Internet-connected Alexa device predicts future, tells owner that the bombing of Hiroshima will commence in less than 70-days, as tensions with North Korea remain at an all-time high

(INTELLIHUB) — While tensions with North Korea remain at an all-time high, Amazon’s Alexa, of all things, was captured on video last Monday saying that the bombing of Hiroshima would occur in less than 70-days.

“How many days has it been since the bombing of Hiroshima?,” the user of the all-knowing Internet-connected device asked aloud before garnering an ominous answer from the outspoken circular-shaped machine.

“This might answer your question,” Alexa said. “The bombing is in 69-days, May 25th, 2018.”

Dovetailing with Alexa’s astonishingly grim prediction, former U.S. President Barack Obama visited Japan Sunday, where he warned that North Korea poses a “real threat.”

‘North Korea is a real threat and poses a significant threat not just to the region but to the whole world’, Obama said during his speech in Tokyo.

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