Red meat allergies caused by tick bites are on the rise

What is the association between ticks and red meat?

Experts say that this year’s tick season is shaping up to be possibly the worst in recent memory. Beyond Lyme disease and other tick-borne ailments, a new threat is emerging from ticks whose bites can prompt an allergy to red meat.

Can a tick bite make you allergic to red meat?

Tick bites can cause a long list of problems, and now there is evidence that a tick bite could be the trigger for an allergy to red meat, according to Dr. Scott Commins, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Allergy & Immunology at the University of North Carolina.

A woman from Maryland had a horrible reaction while eating an Italian-style pork sausage last year, and her symptoms were all linked back to a tick bite she got three weeks earlier, while walking her dog.