Red-White-and-Blue Lurch Toward The Event Horizon

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Richard Sauder
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August 8, 2011

Over the years, including this year, there are people who have e-mailed me or posted in my blog’s comment section and said, among other things, that I am “self-righteous, a real estate scammer, a fear monger, an asshole,” am venting “venom,” and much more, some of it worse than that.

Some very few of these people I know, while the vast majority are perfect strangers. By the same token, a far greater number of people have written to me and have made many kind and supportive comments, for which I am deeply grateful.

As a consequence of receiving both vitriolic, caustic criticism from some and warm support from others I have reached the point where I increasingly accept both with a sort of equanimity. Life goes on, and I will continue to march to the beat of a different drummer.

My blog reflects that, my repeated nonviolent antinuclear peace demonstrations on the launch lids of the U.S.A. military’s nuclear missile silos reflect that, my decision to leave the USA reflects that, my myriad published books, articles, interviews and numerous appearances on radio and TV programs and Internet websites and forums also speak to that. I am who I am and I do what I do. Those who disagree are free to meander elsewhere.

I have to say that I have found the “real estate scammer” epithet perhaps the most amusing of all, seeing as up to this point in my life, I have not made even one penny or centavo from the sale or purchase of any real estate anywhere, ever, on behalf of anyone whomsoever. On the contrary, scores of people have written to me, seeking my advice or information about relocating to South America, and in the aggregate, I have spent many hours communicating with these individuals, completely free of any charge to them whatsoever.

I furthermore believe that some of these persons received very good value in the form of the suggestions and information I provided them. How’s that for an underhanded “real estate scam”?

I hasten to add that those of you who like my work are absolutely welcome to purchase my books or other products from the links on this blog site, or to donate using the PayPal donation button in the right hand side bar, and thereby materially support my continuing writing and research. No donation is too small. I do need, use and accept it all gratefully!

As to what is coming up for us and the planet in the near future, I found a recent radio interview from remote viewer, Gerald O’Donnell, very thought provoking. As I understand it, his remote viewing has revealed that a major event is upcoming, when the divine level of creation is going to project itself into the Earth realm and restore a semblance of cosmic harmony and roust out the darkly negative artificial intelligences that have set up camp in our reality, where they have been lording it over us for unknown millennia.

The darkly negative artificial intelligences that George O’Donnell says are ruling this planet at present very closely resemble the vastly intelligent Machine that ayahuasca showed me in the initial stages of my South American vision quest in November of last year. This vast, artificially intelligent Machine has humanity and the planet in its ruthless, all-encompassing, unrelenting grasp. But Gerald O’Donnell avers that the demise of these artificially intelligent machine entities is imminent, as the divine level of universal reality is soon to make a dramatic appearance in the world and set things aright.

I cannot say for sure that this is true, seeing as I do not have enough information in that regard, though I will tell you that a few years back I lay down to sleep one night and immediately upon putting my head on my pillow was abruptly thrown into a powerfully altered state of consciousness unlike anything I have ever experienced before in my life.

The experience commenced with such a powerful episode of rough shaking and other powerful sensations, both inner and outer, that I assumed that the Earth’s inner core had just flipped over, geomagnetically, and that the poles themselves were in the process of shifting location. I assumed that 8M and 9M earthquakes and higher would be imminently occurring planet-wide. Indeed, I presumed that those earthquakes had already begun and that was what I was experiencing.

The experience was so peculiar that I subsequently did some reverse speech analysis of what had transpired with a very good and insightful, professional reverse speech practitioner. In reverse, when speaking of the event, I said something like: “Elohims inbound,” or “Elohims involved.” I forget the exact wording, but the idea was that “Elohims” were behind what I perceived. Of course, Elohim is the plural form of the Hebrew word, El, which means God. My subconscious gave the plural of the Hebrew word, Elohim, or Gods, and added a redundant, English, plural suffix to come up with: “Elohims.”

Godses. Gods and Gods. Lots of Gods. If what I experienced is any reflection of how the Gods behave, they really shake things up. They act, and powerfully.

So, maybe the Gods really are on their way to Earth, and maybe Gerald O’Donnell does know what he is talking about. Maybe we really are going to see what the Gods do when they decide to intervene in force on a wayward planet where hideously diabolical forces who fancy themselves invincible have set up shop for aeons.

So why would the Gods be coming to this planet to clean house?

Well, there is the small matter of the ongoing, global extinction event (click and scroll down a bit) that is laying waste the Earth’s biosphere. Without intervention from somewhere, we are in danger of annihilating a vast portion of the biological species on the planet. Seeing as we so far have proven unable or unwilling to control ourselves at a global, species level, maybe a decision has been made at a galactic level, or higher, to step in and take charge of the planet before we totally annihilate the biosphere.

Beyond that, what to make of stories where mad scientists are actually creating animal-human hybrids in the laboratory? This is the same sort of thing that the Edgar Cayce readings suggest led to the debasement of the Atlantean civilization – the creation by Atlantean scientists of animal-human “things” that were mistreated and used as slaves.

This is also an echo of stories that have been rampant in the dark corners of UFOlogy, that allege that clandestine units of the USA military and bad-boy E.T.s are running subterranean genetic tinkering and cloning facilities where precisely this sort of thing goes on – where animal-human hybrids, clones and other freaks of nature are created in secret genetics facilities that operate outside the pale of the law or any sort of open scrutiny or ethical oversight whatsoever.

In light of the tremendous secrecy that surrounds what happens in the clandestine underground bases, stories such as this absolutely raise the question as to what the USA government and military agencies are hiding from the American people and the world.

How deep does the hideous, red-white-and-blue evil go? How debased and reprehensible has the Top Secret, compartmentalized world of American “black operations” become? The issue has to be raised, because if stories like this are appearing openly in the daily newspapers, you can bet that the military-industrial-espionage complex has carried this sort of “research” much further in the compartmentalized realm of Top Secret “black ops.”

And then you have items like this, that also raise many questions as to the possible creation of androids, cyborgs and other partially or wholly artificial beings that may resemble natural, biological beings, but that are in fact, partially, or maybe even wholly, artificially manufactured. Is every single, apparent “human being” on this planet in reality a natural born Earth human, or are some apparent “human beings” of artificial manufacture, whether in part, or perhaps even in whole? Who knows? How far has cloning technology gone? How far has the creation of artificial tissues that mimic biological tissues advanced?

And then there is the huge issue of Monsanto, a darkly wicked and malevolent corporation that spews its filthy poisons everywhere, spreading death and disease across the world. Even the name of its most popular poison, the extremely deadly weed killer, “Roundup,” gives the lethal, corporate game away.

You “round up” cattle before you send them to the slaughterhouse to be killed and sliced into steaks and diced into hamburger.

Get it? Now who do you think is being “rounded up”? And who do you think is regarded as the “weeds” that need to be “rounded up” and killed?

Effectively Mosanto is in the process of sterilizing the planet. The well-known, Internet health expert, Dr. Mercola, has written a very eye-opening exposé of the glyphosate that Monsanto’s Roundup contains and the deadly effect of this dangerous toxin on the biosphere and humanity. One thing is for sure: Monsanto represents a clear and present danger to humanity and the Earth. I don’t know who or what exactly is behind Monsanto, but they or “it” are hideous beyond belief and mean to do ghastly harm both to me and to thee.

And I could go on and on. Has there ever been a planet in greater need of divine intervention?

In the coming years, large portions of the northern hemisphere are likely to become uninhabitable due to the radioactive contamination issue from Japan. If other nuclear reactors were to melt down, or if there were to be a nuclear war, the radiation issue on this planet would become even more serious, and it is already EXTREMELY DIRE.

The Mother of All Economic Crashes is coming to the USA. Barack Obama is a total lawn jockey for Wall Street and the U.S. Federal Reserve. By Christmas it will seem to you that you have entered the Twilight Zone. Your head will be spinning. Unfortunately, things will get worse from there.

In the run-up to 2012 there will be tremendous chaos. The risk of a nuclear war remains very real. It would most likely be instigated by the USA and Israel, the Neo-Con, Zio-Nazi axis of evil.

The entire USA system is going to come unhinged — socially, economically, politically, culturally, militarily, etc. The effects will be felt in the whole world. That process has already begun.

At some point, God or Angels or Cosmic Wisdom or Benevolent Friends From Elsewhere or Simple Common Sense will intervene and the Earth and what remains of humanity will finally turn the corner on this dark period, and the situation will begin to dramatically improve.

But we are not at that place now. First it looks like the world is going to go through a period of serious Hell, and the USA is the primary, guilty Hell Raiser. Consequently, it will probably not turn out well for the USA and the American people. There is a darkly heavy and negative karmic debt that is coming due and it will be paid in full. The karmic debt collector will likely come calling very soon– most any day, week or month now.

Titanic U.S. Debt Dragging the USA Down To Doom

As an interesting reality check, pull out any U.S. Federal Reserve Note, any ordinary dollar bill will serve admirably, and carefully read the fine print that is stamped on it:

“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

That is to say, U.S. Currency, i.e., the Federal Reserve Note, aka, “The Dollar” is a debt instrument. If you have a lot of dollars it is simply an indication of your indebtedness. It cannot be otherwise in an economy based on currency printed into existence out of thin air, and then lent out at interest that must be repaid, by law. This dynamic has created a massive, intricate, global system based on indebtedness of 99+% of the global population. This system is now spectacularly failing, due to the sheer weight of its overwhelming corruption and criminality.

The events of the rest of this month and the coming months will never be forgotten by any of us, as long as we live. As it happens, a certain segment of humanity will not physically survive the imminent chaos that the fast approaching upheaval will bring, which will include warfare, radioactive poisoning and contamination from melting down nuclear reactors, rioting, food shortages and famine, abject misery and poverty, unemployment, economic dislocation on a grand scale, industrial problems resulting from delivery system failures, transportation disruptions, fuel and energy supply and generation issues, communications failures, and much more.

Keep in mind that this leaves out many of the natural, geophysical and astronomical events that will slam the Earth. I have had my own set of intuitions, dreams, and revelations that speak to this present era. Others have as well, and some of them have communicated with me. Here’s one set of brief, condensed e-mails that I received from a reader:

Aka “The Event”.

I first got zapped with this when I was in my teens- 40 years gone. I got hit two-three times (like a lightning strike) at different times before it finally took. I guess if a battery is dead, you have to jolt it more than once.

VERY scary stuff, most I can’t consciously recall because I think it was added to my subconscious mind.

It came hard on the close of the 20th Century- the seas rose and the lands sank- in some cases they changed places. There was warfare, suffering and disaster beyond any human imagining. Nobody came on a white horse to save anyone- the people that were left were on their own.

This is going to be one tough ride. I got the impression that there is nothing that can be done about it by humans- it is simply the way things are. I knew somehow that this is the conclusion to a “great war” that began LONG ago.

I would add that this is consistent with some of what The Bone Lady conveyed to me in 1958, which I have written about elsewhere on this blog site. It is also consistent with what others have been shown in visions and revelations, some of which has also been shared with me.

If you manage to physically survive the period that is coming, you will never forget the events of the coming weeks, months and next few years. You are going to be rocked to the core of your being. And at the end of it all, something else will happen and those who survive and endure will have the opportunity to create something better, fresh and wonderful.

I pray that we will be rid, once and for all, of the deeply, darkly evil scourge of Judaism.

The same goes for Christianity, and its repugnant history of war, slaughter, torture and slavery, and for Islam and the medieval ignorance and stupidity of so many of its adherents, and, all other “-isms” that are holding the human race down and preventing us from living together in peace and harmony.

In a time when popular culture increasingly serves up dreck like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and “talent” like the gag-inducing Lady Gaga, I often feel a sense of nostalgia that takes me back to the singers of earlier days, the great performers of the Golden Age of American popular music in the 20th Century, who frankly had more talent, and more maturity and human depth than a lot of the so-called “artists” on the popular culture scene today. Such unbelievable change and turmoil is going to hit us so hard in the very near future, that nothing will ever be the same again, for better or for worse.

As far as I am concerned, Dusty Springfield captured the emotions that I am feeling in this moment as well as anyone, and better than most, during the post-WWII era.

If You Go Away

The Windmills of Your Mind

Or this special gem from the late, great Eva Cassidy:

You’ve Changed

Finally, Roy Orbison, on Dutch television, I think in 1965 or so. Something that could have been wonderful and pure, the America that could have been, will never be, because darkly wicked forces sabotaged the USA and the world.

That unfulfilled promise can now never be, not in the way that it could have been, because it was cut down and destroyed by snipers’ bullets in Dallas in 1963 and in Memphis in 1968, by the Vietnam War, by CIA assassinations, coups and plots all over the world, by the NeoCon-Zionist inside job, “false flag” attacks on 9/11, by the satanic machinations of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street over the past century, by the treachery of the United States Congress and Supreme Court, by the corruption of a whole slew of American presidents, and much more.

So what might have been, never was, and never will be, and we are all greatly diminished as a consequence. Now, something else will happen instead, and it will begin with the Hell of a civilization altering economic crash and the massive financial turmoil that that occasions, which will start to crash over all our heads beginning this week.

The karmic roots of all of this run very deep on this world, maybe even off the planet too, and we will plumb the warp and woof of that karmic tapestry, until, Phoenix-like, whatever and whoever survives what is to come rises from the ashes of our immolation and begins anew.

Roy Orbison sings Good Night

So, “Good night,” – to you and to you and to you, to the tens of thousands of you who read my blog. I hope that you will all be O.K., though I know of a certainty that a great many of you will not be O.K., at least not in a physical, economic, political or social sense, because “The Powers That Think They Are” want to hurt you very badly, they really do. In your eternal, soul essence they cannot touch you, at least not without your inner consent, not without your voluntarily surrendering your soul to them – but that will not stop them from trying to harm you and your family, and as many others as possible, because they are malevolent, they are treacherous, they are evil, wicked psychopaths without heart, soul, empathy, compassion or natural human feeling.

In a word, they are extremely dangerous beings on the loose and they are fully aware that their time grows short, so they already are, and will continue to be, acting out in the most violently dysfunctional means at their disposal.

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