Refugees only required to voluntarily ‘check in’ with State Department after entering U.S.

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‘Violation of Constitution’ to track nomads given taxpayer aid

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — People are now flocking to America to escape civil war in Syria and the Obama Administration has left the floodgates wide open.

It’s shocking to think how random, and in some cases undocumented, nomad refugees are literally granted full constitutional rights by the State Department upon entry into the U.S. making it so they can’t be “kept up with” once inside the country as the Department of Homeland Security admits.

Moreover the FBI has even admitted that they can’t even screen Syrian refugees due to the fact that Syria’s criminal database is flawed and totally insufficient which makes matters far worse.

To boot many entering refugees receive thousands of dollars in U.S. taxpayer cash and aid to help them resettle, yet still the State Department says they have no allegiance to track refugees because it would ‘violate the Constitution.’

Additionally a Syrian refugee who entered the U.S. through Baton Rouge has gone missing somewhere in Washington D.C. and authorities are not planning to track him, reports say.

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This is all particularly disturbing considering coming just on the heels of the recent ISIS attacks in Paris which left over 129 people dead. I mean after all why wouldn’t we be able to track a stranger entering the U.S. especially after providing them with cash assistance? To think that a refugee should be instantly granted constitutional rights upon entry is absurd and at minimum some type of probation period should be implemented requiring mandatory check in for a specific time-period.

Do you think refugees should be granted the same constitutional rights as American citizens upon day one of entry?


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