Release of SHADE Trailer #2 to Test Mettle of the New World Order

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September 17, 2012

As you already may know, we have been working hard behind the scenes on our new film SHADE the Motion Picture (An Ambellas & Bermas Film) to be released winter of 2012.

I would like to start out by giving a special thanks to all of those out there who are in support of this film, as this level of information is no joke and must be taken seriously.

We are risking life and limb as crucial footage and testimony will be withheld from trailers and protected by several sources until the final production version of SHADE the Motion Picture releases sometime this winter.

The films powerful presentation is intended to make the global crime syndicate faultier, while testing their mettle to the fullest potential possible.

Their diabolic sinister plan to exterminate 90% of the worlds population will soon be exposed worldwide and backed with evidence.

Key players have been identified, black operations will be exposed.

And yes, we do need your support.

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This is not a left or right issue, black or white, up or down — Depopulation affects us all.

Our children and future generations are doomed if we do not take action now. Please share this information with everyone you possibly can and help make an actual difference.
August 6, 2012

(For Release)

Alternative News Director and “Loose Change” Filmmaker Team-Up to Expose World Depopulation

Never before has the New World Order been exposed to the degree that Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas do in the film SHADE the Motion Picture.

For the first time ever, the elites have something to fear as their sinister Master Plan for Global Domination is exposed.

Unbound Media and the filmmakers of SHADE the Motion Picture, both Shepard Ambellas (the founder & director of and Jason Bermas (maker of the film “Loose Change”) are charging full throttle to the top of the pyramid with the epic release of their long awaited film trailer.

About the Film

Full-scale depopulation procedures have been implemented as Population Reduction, Geoengineering, Land Grabs, and Criminal Banking Scams rule the populace.

All human activity will soon be under surveillance and the remaining world population of 1 Billion will exist in Mega-Cities controlled by oligarchs tracking the RFID Chipped Population – the “Useless Eaters” as the elite have termed us.

The future of humanity will be a world in which oligarchs decide who lives and who dies.

Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, Dan Dicks, Shepard Ambellas, Jason Bermas, and Mark Dice set the tone of this ominous presentation.

Shot from multiple locations such as Maui Hawaii, Chantilly Virginia, numerous Locations in Arizona, Texas, and more, the filmmakers stop at nothing to bring you the compelling details of an overarching diabolic agenda.

This agenda – Does not involve you, or your family.

In fact, it involves the systematic extermination of 90% of the earths population.

The “Useless Eaters”

The movie also talks solutions and boasts an all Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring Global Resistance, Chronic Vibe, and more.

About the Filmmakers

Jason “the Infowarrior” Bermas is the maker of several renowned films such as Loose Change, Fabled Enemies, and the Invisible Empire. Jason is also a profound face in the alternative media, radio talk show host, and a veteran activist.

Shepard Ambellas heads-up the popular alternative news website and has expanded into filmmaking by way of virtue.

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Press & Media

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Note: The film will be released for free in low quality on Youtube. However, we encourage you to pre-order a High-Definition (HD) version to make copies to pass out. You can order now at

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