Reopen Florida founder says government overstepped with shop owner grilled cheese shakedown

"When consensual human contact becomes a radical act of civil disobedience then you know that the government has overstepped."

The Marmot/Flickr

(INTELLIHUB) — Founder and co-organizer of the group Reopen Florida Tara Hill appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Wednesday where she talked about how unjustified COVID-19 restrictions have crippled the economy and have left small businesses to fend for themselves.

The Reopen Florida founder was attending a dinner among friends at a local establishment that was serving grilled cheese sandwiches last week when the Florida Bureau of Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms entered the establishment to intimidate the eatery’s owner like Nazi-style Schutzstaffel (SS).

“When consensual human contact becomes a radical act of civil disobedience then you know that the government has overstepped,” the exuberant activist told Intellihub frontman Shepard Ambellas on-air. “So with this situation when consenting adults who wish to have a meal together in a casual place when everybody is consenting to be there–when that become such a polarizing topic met with such vitriol and verbal violence and attack and threat, threats to my life, threats to my children’s life… I decided to turn it into a rally.”

“This is a rally for freedom now,” she said. “What is this that the government has caused?”

Hill says the illegal government mandates have now allowed an acceptable form of discrimination for the ‘greater good.’

“It is absolute insanity,” Hill said. “I compare my video to like the mafia they came in and tossed the place.”

“When you can come into a business just for running their business and intimidate the business owner and take photos and look around and go behind the counter like you own the place–this is what our governor has empowered… and it’s unacceptable with us.”

The anti-masker also said that the COVID regulations became “very suspicious” from the getgo and gave the U.S. government grand sweeping powers.

You can listen to the entire show here:

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