Report: Obama Administration targeting journalists and Trump operatives for murder

Evidence of lethal attacks soon to be released

(INTELLIHUB) — In a series of cryptic social media posts, Infowars Alex Jones has revealed that he will be releasing bombshell news about violence directed towards journalists and Trump operatives by the outgoing Obama administration.

Saying that this could be the biggest story they have ever covered, Jones released the following Tweet and accompanying video about the shocking news.

“Alex Jones delivers critical information and reveals he will be breaking bombshell news tomorrow about violence directed at journalists by the Obama administration.”

While corporate media operatives and trolls throughout the internet are sure to attempt to cast doubt on this story, one can safely assume that Jones wouldn’t put something out like this if he didn’t have the evidence, especially considering how closely the corporate media is watching Infowars every move.

Stay tuned as Intellihub will obviously be covering this breaking news as it is released. One can only hope that something doesn’t happen to stop this information from coming out.

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Featured Image: Pete Souza/White House