Report: Orders demanding Jews to register in Ukraine are fake

The viral story about Jews being forced to register or face deportation in Ukraine is reportedly false

By John Vibes

UKRAINE (INTELLIHUB) — According to articles published by Israeli news organization Ynet and USA Today, the new government in a pro-Russian sector of Ukraine was handing out flyers demanding that Jewish people register with the government or face deportation.

These flyers did unfortunately exist, but according to recent reports they were forgeries, and the local government is not actually forcing Jews to register with the government.

Lesley Weiss, the deputy director of the National Conference Supporting Jews (NCSJ), an organization that works in Ukraine and Russia, said that the orders were a fabrication put out by an anonymous source.

“It’s a fake flyer…It’s not true that they have to register or be deported,” Weiss told reporters.

We’re in touch with the ambassador. He’s saying the flyers were real—the flyers exist,” Weiss said. “But from our sources, they seem to be faked just to cause anxiety.

The story has been heavily circulated in the news recently.  Some are speculation that the incident could have been a psy-op to further expand military presence in the area.

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