BATON ROUGE, La. (INTELLIHUB) — A sheriff’s deputy has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter leaders Deray McKesson, Johnetta Elzie, and others over a deadly 2016 ambush during the “Summer of Chaos” in which a deputy and two police officers were killed and another officer and two other deputies were injured.

The ambush attack was carried out by Gavin Long last July and was ‘justified by the movement,’ according to the complaint filed Friday in a U.S. district court.

The filing alleges that Black Lives Matter (BLM) “incited the violence against police in retaliation for the death (sic) of black men shot by police [and] they justified the violence as necessary to the movement and war.”

However, it’s not yet known what the judge will do with the case as BLM is considered a movement in a sense and not an entity.

The suit was reportedly filed by Deputy Nicholas Tullier, 42, who was injured in the ambush after the shooter emerged from a tree line wildly firing a barrage of bullets toward the deputy’s vehicle.

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