Report: UN Troops tackle man in Alabama Walmart

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Did United Nation troops attack an American inside an Alabama Walmart?

(INTELLIHUB) — Over the course of the last several years many in the alternative media have worried about United Nations soldiers working within the United States to eventually take part in a martial law takeover.

While there has been a plethora of evidence that UN troops are training inside the US, the smoking gun has, to this day, never been revealed.

This fact hasn’t changed many from theorizing as to what role the United Nations would play in a civil unrest scenario in America. Some have even wondered if their is a connection between the UN and Jade Helm 2015.

Now, an interesting report is adding fuel to the fire after a caller to the Alex Jones Show claimed that he was tackled by UN troops in an Alabama Walmart after he attempted to film the men they were guarding.

As noted by All News Pipeline, the mysterious caller also claimed that his father has been witnessing an uptick in the presence of military aged men in their town that are not wearing any sort of identification.

Although attempts to confirm what was said by the caller have so far been unsuccessful, the calls does seem genuine.

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